Snail Part Ways with Lead Guitarist Eric Clausen

And then there were three… again. Lead guitarist Eric Clausen joined up with Snail founders Mark Johnson (guitar/vocals), bassist Matt Lynch (bass) and Marty Dodson (drums) when they reformed in 2008 to release the stellar sophomore outing, Blood (review here), the next year on MeteorCity. A fully reformed four-piece, if one spread somewhat geographically between California and Seattle on the West Coast, Snail issued their worthy follow-up in the form of third album, Terminus (review here), and today, even as their fourth is in progress — more on that below — the band announced that Clausen has left to focus on his own projects, one of which, Division Process, has a new record of its own in the can.

I’m not sure where in the process of making that fourth offering, titled Feral, Snail actually are, but having been fortunate enough to see them with Clausen in the lineup, I know he added a considerable amount to the band. Nonetheless, there’s a certain amount of enjoyable symmetry to them winding up a trio after starting out that way with the release of their self-titled debut (review here) back in the early ’90s.

Here’s how it is:

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce that our friend and bandmate Eric Clausen will be leaving Snail. We will continue to support him in his many musical endeavors and wish him the success that he deserves.

Says Eric – “I’ve decided to devote my time to my own projects. I loved my time with my bros and wish Snail all the best and will continue to show my support of them.”

You’ll be able to hear more from Eric soon as he will be releasing a new CD under the name Division Process.

In other news, Snail have revealed the songs that will appear on Feral when it is released:

Snail, Feral tracklisting
Smoke the deathless
Born in captivity
Thou art that
Fast woman
A mustard seed
Building a haunted house
Come home

Snail, The ’93-’94 Blood Demos (2012)

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