BREAKING NEWS: Eddie Glass Says Nebula Will Continue

According to an in-depth Obelisk investigative report (and by that I mean a comment on the band’s MySpace page), Eddie Glass of lauded Californian heavy psychedelic rockers Nebula has allegedly said that although the band canceled several weeks’ worth of tour dates last month, including several shows at South by Southwest in Austin, TX, they’re not actually done, just on break. Of course, it could have just been someone screwing with the Nebula MySpace account, and not Glass at all (why a comment and not a blog post?). You never know, but more likely Nebula will be reforming shortly with a revamped lineup.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Glass get together with Mark Abshire and Ruben Romano for a record? I think it would be. I keep a list of things that would be nice, and that’s on it. Unfortunately, it’s under the subheading “Don’t Count on It,” so there you go. Here’s what Glass had to say on the subject:

Hey everyone. This is Eddie Glass. Sorry for missing that last tour. We were really psyched about it. Well, we as Nebula have been touring straight without missing shows since 1999. All over the world. Thanks for all who came and helped in the experience. As of late things started getting a bit rough with the touring and I got sick of it. The last cancellation had nothing to do with us as a band. Our transportation and things outside our control got out of hand. Well, I am starting a new band. I am on drums in one band and playing guitar and vocals in another. Still putting it together. Anyone out there into jamming respond. Hey Jim Jones. Ok. Nebula is taking a break for a while. We will probably play in the future, again, as I enjoy the playing guitar. I enjoy touring. Only problem is I am human and so are the other guys. We need a break. We are all working on new stuff. I am stoked on my new songs. You will be hearing them soon. Eddie Nebula

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  1. Dan says:


    Dan Falcon here,….I am going to co-host on a new radio show soon w/ my friend, Mark Lowell (Mark After Dark) fr Brooklyn,…we would like to interview you and talk about your history with Fu Manchu and Nebula and the latest in the life of Eddie Glass,….you know me we have met before and Dickie Peterson (Of Blue Cheer) was a friend of mine as well,….anyways, if you get this please do hit me up and let me know about doing a radio interview and we can set something up and do a “phoner” in the near future,…also Mark is friends of Joe Hogan your former producer and he will be engineering a lot of Mark’s uopcoming show please get back to me : Danny

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