On the Radar: MonstrO

Sure, they’re both metal bands blending pop and doom, and they’ve both got short one-word names ending in vowels, but that’s where the similarities between Atlanta‘s MonstrO and Torche are done, alright?

Well, that and guitarist Juan Montoya, who played guitar in Torche and was also in Floor with Torche mainman Steve Brooks. There’s that commonality too. All kidding aside, though, they really are different bands, if the two tracks on MonstrO‘s MySpace are anything to go by.

Both “Anchors Up!” and “April” run longer than the two or three minute lengths that made up most of Torche‘s last album, and though “Anchors Up!” has some of the same upbeat crush to it, with “April,” MonstrO shows a completely different, ambient, almost ballad-driven side. The song is nearly eight minutes long and relies heavily on a bass groove courtesy of Kyle Sanders (ex-Bloodsimple) to set a more brooding atmosphere that’s still somehow romantic. Drummer Bevan Davies (also ex-Bloodsimple, also Jerry Cantrell‘s band and Englebert Humperdinck) does a decent job hanging back in the mix, and vocalist/guitarist Charlie Suarez only adds to the accessibility of the band with his ranging melodic approach.

They have no shows listed and thus far no indications as to plans for release, but fuck it, it’s the internet age and they exist. That’s pretty much all it takes these days. Those who want to know can know. I can’t imagine given the Torche connection and pro experience of the other members that MonstrO couldn’t get picked up by this or that metal indie if they so desired, but I guess the test is whether or not they decide to go that route. For now, they’ve got two songs free to check out and are definitely worth keeping on the radar.

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4 Responses to “On the Radar: MonstrO”

  1. Tim Erics says:

    Awesome! Of course we where all bummed when Juan left Torche but I love the jam band / trippy effects driven ambiance of MonstrO! I know that Bevan guy played with the new alice and chains and more.
    Charlie Surez was lead guitarist of a sweet band for several years called Sunday Driver. They where signed to Dog House Records and even dropped a video on MTV. This band is full of talent and sounds killer!

    Keep it comin guys!

  2. Analee says:

    Terrific, killer sound!! They are up to something big!! Watch out Torche!

  3. mariano says:

    JUAN!! u got a good family bro……

  4. mariano says:

    Monstr0!!!! even the name is b@da$$$

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