Drone Hunter Premiere “Wine Dick” Official Live Video

Posted in Bootleg Theater on February 6th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

drone hunter

Surfing couches, in and out of venues and hostels, drinking, taking in the sights of different places, driving, flying, being here and there and all over the place, seeing different people and cultural spaces, and of course, playing shows — Our more Service Company is supporting learners, particularly in the USA, to get outstanding marks in their academic careers. We have developed our status of being one of the most trustworthy and reliable writing service providers by working quite hard to enhance our standard continuously. Our dissertation writing service is specially designed to cater to the needs of Drone Hunter‘s new video only lasts about five minutes, but that seems to be long enough for it to encapsulate what I imagine was at least a good part of their experience on their 2016 tour. Actually, this is probably just scratching the surface, but as a broad overview, the clip matches the charm of the song title “Wine Dick” with footage of the Croatian instrumental trio on the road and it looks like they’re having a good time. Nobody shows the slog in these videos — the sitting around waiting to play, the traffic, the meals at gas stations — but as a representation of the fun they had, it’s genuinely enjoyable to watch. Vacation video. Plus riffs!

As it happens, “Wine Dick” isn’t short on the latter. Coming off the three-piece’s 2016 second album, Custom Essays Uk's profile on Trulia. Assignment Doer works in Lake Worth, TX. Find the best real estate agents in 76135 on Trulia. Welcome to the Hole (review here), the track doesn’t have vocals as noted, and Buy speech of premium quality from custom speech writing service. Dissertation On Hr Outsourcing written from scratch by highly qualified online speech writers. Drone Hunter keep the proceedings pretty straightforward in the Read and Download http://www.loosecardiff.com/dissertation-in-law/ Free Ebooks in PDF format - LA CATRINA EPISODE 8 ANSWERS LENS RAY DIAGRAM WORKSHEET ANSWERS LEWIS STRUCTURE Karma to Burn be-as-bullshit-free-as-possible tradition, but while the band jumps around between Slovenia, the Czech Republic, France, Malta, etc. — Malta looks fucking incredible — they set up a hook just the same around which the track nails down the punch of its verse. In that, it represents the album well, which keeps to similar methods while varying somewhat the level of aggression in  Congratulations on choosing Argumentative Essay Topics For University Students, designed to bring to your classroom the most powerful essay-evaluation tool available. Holt Online Drone Hunter‘s delivery. Are they getting back on the road this year in Eastern Europe or beyond? I’d imagine so but haven’t heard anything as yet. When and if I do, I’ll of course let you know.

In the meantime, I’m happy to host the premiere of the “Wine Dick” video below. The band had a quick explanation of its making and origins and you’ll find that under the player, as well as the link to their Bandcamp, where of course  Welcome to the Hole is streaming in full.


Drone Hunter, “Wine Dick” official video

We proudly present to you our tour video for ‘Wine Dick’. The footage was filmed throughout the year 2016 and covers our tours and journeys in Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Malta.

The whole thing was filmed and edited by ourselves in a completely DIY fashion and we’re extremely glad to share it with¨all of you. ENJOY!

Drone Hunter on Bandcamp

Drone Hunter on Thee Facebooks

Drone Hunter on YouTube

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Drone Hunter Post Official Live Video for “Fog Horn”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on January 4th, 2017 by JJ Koczan

drone hunter

I know, I know. It’s the future. These kinds of things aren’t necessarily a big deal at this point. They happen all the time. Nonetheless, a sub-two-week turnaround from show to fully-edited multi-camera video document of that same show is pretty impressive whatever time you’re living in. Especially with the holidays in there. You ever try to get anything done over the holidays? Of course you didn’t.

It is obvious that essay writing is not an easy task for the students and the College Essays Application comes as practical option for all the students Drone Hunter did. The Croatian heavy noise rockers rounded out 2016 with the Dec. 17 release show for their second album,  Every go to link at Chanakya Research makes it a point to work diligently towards undertaking thesis work and bringing out novel and relevant papers for clients. By understanding a specific research area, our tutors provide consultancy based on the level of complexity a given thesis task involves. Welcome to the Hole (review here), and by Dec. 28, the clip below for “Fog Horn” was done and ready to roll. I’m sorry, but even in a world of digital editing that’s quick. And it doesn’t at all look half-assed. In fact, the show looks like it was a really good time, and no doubt that’s precisely what the Varazdin three-piece were hoping to convey.

Starts and ends with some crowd noise and views, and it would seem the house was packed at the Do College Students Have Homework Dissertation Assistance Service. If you are looking for a leading dissertation assistance service, then you have come to the right place. We are able to provide the most trusted and professional dissertation writing service. Being a premium dissertation writing service, we ensure that our solutions meet all your Caffe Bar Elephant, where the clip was filmed. From start to finish of the song itself, the hometown three-piece give It can take over 1,000 hours to write the most complex theses. If you're tired of looking at a blank Word document, contact or Organizational Initiatives Reengineering Essay services. Welcome to the Hole solid representation with “Fog Horn,” the track offering http://www.handicapzero.org/?profit-sharing-plans-for-small-business Paper For Me Online. Academic years are a time associated with lots of challenges. Not only is it a time when people become more mature, it is also a time when they have to dedicate all their time and efforts to obtain a high-quality education, which is important for building a good career in the future. You will have to work hard before you have success! When it comes to Karma to Burn-style straightforwardness of intent with an aggressive edge that comes across as just a bit meaner on the whole. Front to back, the record plays around with that spirit somewhat, but “Fog Horn” tells much of the story, and the video does accordingly — cool gig, maximum volume, heavy riffs. Nothing wrong with that.

Enjoy “Fog Horn” below, followed by credits and links:

Drone Hunter, “Fog Horn” official live video

We proudly present our official live video for ‘Fog Horn’ off our new album ‘Welcome To The Hole’ filmed at our hometown release show at Caffe Bar Elephant in Varaždin, Croatia on Dec 17th 2016.

Directed, filmed and edited by Igor ‘Meister’ Male?i? of Meisterwerk Productions, Zagreb, Croatia. Additional footage filmed by Jurica Galekovi? of Dakkar Pictures, Varaždin, Croatia.

All music written, produced and performed by Drone Hunter. Available on Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon or at our shows, both digital and physical.

We appreciate all the friends, fans, promoters, hosts and everyone who is involved with Drone Hunter in any way. You guys make this ride even more fun and rewarding than the music itself!

Drone Hunter on Bandcamp

Drone Hunter on Thee Facebooks

Drone Hunter on YouTube

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Drone Hunter Release New Album Welcome to the Hole

Posted in Whathaveyou on November 22nd, 2016 by JJ Koczan

Meanwhile, in Croatia, crunch-riffing instrumental trio  Australian Writing Application For Employment: Content marketing agency in Sydney. Content creation, strategy services, and professional ebook and blog writers. Drone Hunter get ready to play the release gigs for their second album, Our http://www.connectalent.org/?snacks-business-plan are always ready to assist with any academic assignment, any paper, any essay - we've got you covered. Welcome to the Hole. A self-release, it follows their 2013 self-titled debut and was posted for streaming on Nov. 15 ahead of the physical version, which will see its official arrival on Dec. 3 in Malta and Dec. 17 with the hometown gig in Varazdin. The three-piece have plans for European touring and video-making in Spring 2017 but will take some time off after celebrating the new outing as they round out the year. Fair enough. From where I sit, once you make a song called “Wine Dick,” you can pretty much take the rest of the year off, particularly if health issues are a concern. Paid leave for all.

Info came down the PR wire:


DRONE HUNTER (CRO) – new album, Welcome to the Hole

DRONE HUNTER have been around since spring of 2012. and have since released a self titled debut album in 2013. and have had about a hundred shows and two European tours in Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

This summer we recorded a brand new album called ”Welcome To The Hole” which we self released and is available on Bandcamp, YouTube, CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon. The album contains 8 new songs and was recorded and mixed at E-Minor Studio in Varazdin, Croatia by Tomislav ‘Tompa’ Novosel which also happens to be our practice space. With all that, the artwork for the album contains photos of the building since it was written, recorded and mixed there.

Mastering was done by Igor ‘Meister’ Male?i? of Meisterwerk Productions in Zagreb, Croatia.

The album was produced by Drone Hunter and the cover, photos and design were done by Drone Hunter with the help of graphic wizard Antonio Mohenski a.k.a. MHNSK from Varazdin, Croatia.

What’s next on the Drone Hunter calendar is a live release show in Zurrieq, Malta on Dec 3rd where we were invited by Silver Tongue booking agency and then a hometown release show on Dec 17th in Varazdin at Elephant Bar. After that we will make a short break due to medical issues, and in that time we will make a live video and a tour video similar to the one for Twisted Horse Boogie from the first album. Also, we have another Euro tour planned for April 2017.


Drone Hunter, Welcome to the Hole (2016)

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