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Posted in Radio on March 17th, 2023 by JJ Koczan

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All of the music included in today’s episode of The Obelisk Show is new unless otherwise noted. There was some fresh-out stuff I knew I wanted to put in — REZN, Black Helium, Child, Edena Gardens, Santo Rostro, etc. — and then I kind of started digging back a little, and with the space of a year between went back to dig a few tracks out of 2021, the Thermic Boogie song from 2020, and so on, all with the semi-conscious aim of exploring the idea of what it means when one thinks of a band being ‘dug in.’

In the voice tracks, clever soul that I am, I call it “digging in to being dug in.” It’s not a special episode, really — apart from the odd deep-dive or memorial, getting to play new music someone might not’ve heard on a platform like Gimme Metal is pretty special already, as far as I’m concerned — but kind of an underlying semi-theme. At very least, something that was in my head when I put the playlist together.

So with the back and forth of new and old(er) material and longer songs generally, it’s a different episode for sure than the last one, but I wanted to see how this went and how it felt really picking tracks that unfold in their own way, letting them do that. I don’t know if it’ll work or not — if the chat is dead and nobody’s listening, I’ll have my answer — but it’s a little bit of an experiment on my end and I’m grateful for the opportunity to conduct it.

Thanks if you listen. Thanks for reading. Thanks in general. Your support is appreciated. I’m a real human being and it means something to me, genuinely.

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Full playlist:

The Obelisk Show – 03.17.23 (VT = voice track)

E-L-R Forêt Vexier (2022)
Santo Rostro Matriz Después no habrá nada
REZN Reversal Solace
Thermic Boogie A Herdhead Sheer Madness (2020)
Child Coming Up Trumps Soul Murder
The Buzzards of Fuzz Mostly Harmless The Buzzards of Fuzz (2021)
Edena Gardens Veil Agar
Genghis Tron Dream Weapon Dream Weapon (2021)
Sermon Golden Of Golden Verse
Black Helium Another Heaven Um
Witch Ripper Everlasting in Retrograde Pts. 1 & 2 The Flight After the Fall
King Buffalo Firmament Regenerator (2022)

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