The Obelisk Questionnaire: Neil Fallon of Clutch

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The Obelisk Questionnaire: Neil Fallon

Research Proposal Phd Degree - experienced writers, top-notch services, fast delivery and other advantages can be found in our custom writing How did you come to do what you do?

JP, Dan, and I had a band in high school. We parted ways after graduation, but JP and Dan met up with Tim and started another band. After having booked a show, the singer they were working with had a scheduling conflict. The guys gave me a call and asked me to fill in. I’ve been filling in ever since. A scab for 22 years.

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I remember playing my dad’s 45s at a very young age. My dad was mostly into new folk music like Bob Dylan, Emmy Lou Harris and Joan Baez. He did, however, have one bit of psychedelia that made quite an impression on me. The name of the band was The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. They did a cover of Zappa’s “Help I’m a Rock.” I recall listening to that song on headphones and getting thoroughly freaked out at a very tender age. I listened to it over and over again until that track went white from replay.

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It really is a toss up between the Bad Brains in ’88 and Fugazi in ’90 (if memory serves). I’ve been lucky enough to see countless concerts of all types, but those two bands made their marks when I was just cutting my teeth on live music. I think those instances were revelations in that I realized a live performance could elevate the crowd into a religious experience.

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A few months back I had some surgery done on my spine. Since it requires general anesthesia the nurse is required to ask about living wills and religious beliefs. Being asked to describe one’s belief system in just a few words while high on morphine is certainly a test. I’m pretty sure I failed miserably.

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I think most artists, regardless of their medium, are trying to discover the unknown. Artistic redundancy is a bit like a chasing your own tail. And the creative process can be very frustrating at times. But the frustration is part of the journey. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

Speaking for myself I think artistic progression is always an education. Any artist who feels they have mastered their craft is no longer an artist. Much more can be learned from a failed attempt than repeating a familiar success.

How do you define success?

I get to do what I love for a living. Other than all the mundane things that a day might require, I am only obligated to do two things: perform music or write music. I can’t think of a more fortunate position to be in.

What is something you have seen that you wish you hadn’t?

I’ve seen quite a number of fatal car wrecks that I wish I had not seen.

Describe something you haven’t created yet that you’d like to create.

A novel.

Something non-musical that you’re looking forward to?

My wife is making posole for dinner. I am looking forward to that!

Clutch, “Earth Rocker” Live in NJ, Oct. 17, 2012

Clutch on Thee Facebooks

Clutch’s website

Weathermaker Music

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Buried Treasure: Neil Fallon and How You too Can be an Instant Winner

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I was avoiding work recently, as I have a tendency to do when there’s a lot of it. Dicking around on eBay in my usual scouring the intertubes for Clutch promos, I did a search specifically for frontman Neil Fallon‘s name, to see perhaps if his advice book on beard maintenance (that’s not a real thing) had come out yet, or if there might be some oddity I’d missed along the way.

One look through the CD category later, I stumbled on a CDR for sale in a slimline jewel case of the Fallon solo single “Instant Winner.” The song originally appeared on the 2003 Chrome Peeler Records compilation You’ve Got Your Orders Volume One, but this was marked as being the unmastered final mix of the track. And it was the label itself selling it. Having been involved in the past in the compilation procedure, I knew that generally tracks are turned in in final mix form, then the whole thing is mastered together.

So it didn’t seem unreasonable for me to presume that this could be the disc that Fallon turned in as his contribution to the comp, the project of which was that Chrome Peeler dealt out song titles to a variety of artists — House of Low Culture, Erik Larson, Hella and Thurston Moore all appear on Volume One, among many others — and told them to work from that. Hence the giving of orders. Fallon turned “Instant Winner” into a smooth-sounding acoustic psych pop, reminiscent more of Mollusk-era Ween than his own work in Clutch, with a higher-register vocal to go with.

Of course, Fallon is still immediately identifiable by the rhythm of his delivery, and whether or not this is the actual CDR he sent Chrome Peeler to be included on You’ve Got Your Orders, it’s still a pretty cool listen and I’ve got no regrets for picking it up. If you haven’t heard it before, here’s an HD version of the finished product:

And Chrome Peeler has made the entirety of You’ve Got Your Orders Volume One available via their Bandcamp site, if you want to hear more.

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