Mos Generator Premiere “As Above So Below” from Split LP with Stubb

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If time has proven aything at all, it’s that Tony Reed likes to keep busy. With his band Mos Generator having already released the live album In Concert: 2007-2014 (track stream here) on Listenable Records and just last week confirmed a new 7″ through Stickman Records to coincide with their upcoming European tour with Elder, Reed and bassist Sean Booth next join forces with HeviSike Records, who will issue a split LP called The Theory of Light and Matter that boasts three new tracks from Mos Generator and three from UK trio Stubb, whose albums Reed has mixed and mastered in the past.

That level of output shouldn’t really be news to anyone who’s followed Reed‘s work for just about any length of time at all, but the difference is now Mos Generator is ready to take the show on the road. They’ll tour the East Coast for the second time this year early next month, and then they take off for the aforementioned European jaunt, and that’s another full month gone mobile. Not only that, but with Reed working in his own studio and putting together material at an ever-more prolific clip, there’s no sign whatsoever that this swath of mos-generator-stubb-the-theory-of-light-and-matter-harley-and-jproductivity is anything but the beginning, which of course is just fine so long as you’re into things like choice riffs and quality songwriting. The split with Stubb includes “As Above So Below,” “Catspaw” and “There’s No Return from Nowhere,” and will be released by HeviSike in an edition of 400 copies with artwork by Harley & J.

Launching the release with a chunky riff topped with a near-immediate verse from Reed, who also drums on the split — oh yeah, did I mention that in addition to putting all this stuff together in the last year, the band has also completely revamped its lineup? — one finds many of the recognizable elements of Mos Gen‘s approach intact. The track is heavy but clearheaded, and builds on some of the melodic progression the band showed on their last full-length, 2014’s Electric Mountain Majesty (review here), but still remains essentially true to their classic form, a spacious break in the middle setting up a finish that is, like the song itself, quintessentially their own. As the first cut of the included six, it’s a memorable start to side A, and quickly affirms that The Theory of Light and Matter offers plenty of both.

I’m thrilled today to host the premiere of “As Above So Below,” which you can find on the player here, followed by info from HeviSike on the release and Mos Generator‘s upcoming tour dates, starting with their East Coast run in June. Please enjoy:

MOS GENERATOR // STUBB – The Theory of Light & Matter (LP) HVSK-1207

Two of the most exciting power trios combine forces to deliver a split album on HeviSike Records. Washington, USA stoner rock titans MOS GENERATOR explore a more progressive territory akin to their 2005 album ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’. London, England three-piece STUBB who are well known for their high-energy blues-rock demonstrate their more experimental side.

MOS GENERATOR have built a dedicated following through a heavy touring schedule and releasing consistently top quality music. The band’s 2015 schedule includes tours of both West Coast and East Coast, USA before visiting Europe on a 33 date European summer tour in support of ELDER. 2014 saw the Port Orchard trio release their opus ‘Electric Mountain Majesty’ (Listenable Records).

STUBB are familiar to the European touring circuit having made numerous appearances at events such as Freak Valley and Desertfest and have shared a stage alongside heavyweight contemporaries such as Earthless, Gentlemans Pistols, Sungrazer and The Machine. The London trio recently released their second LP ‘Cry of The Ocean’ (2014, Ripple Music) to critical acclaim.

Available as a strictly limited edition vinyl LP and digital download, THE THEORY OF LIGHT & MATTER is an essential purchase for fans of heavy psychedelic rock. Mastered specifically for vinyl. Cover art by Harley & J. 150 copies Red/Black Marbled (HeviSike Exclusive), 250 White (Band and Distribution)

with Wounded Giant
6/5/15 Millcreek Tavern- Philadelphia, PA w/ Wasted Theory, Righteous Bloom
6/6/15 Sidebar Tavern- Baltimore, MD w/ Wasted Theory, Borracho, Foghound, Mountainwolf
6/7/15 The Pinch- Washington, DC w/ Wasted Theory, Borracho
6/9/15 Three Sheets – New Haven, CT w/ Bedroom Rehab Corporation
6/10/15 TT The Bear’s Place- Cambridge, MA w/ Elder, Worshipper
6/11/15 Dover Brickhouse – Dover, NH w/ Gozu, Iron Chin
6/12/15 Empire- Portland, ME w/ Murcielago
6/13/15 Amityville Music hall- Long Island, NY “Eye of the Stoned Goat 5 Festival” w/ Weed is Weed, Gozu, Brimstone Coven, Doctor Smoke, Curse The Son, Ol’ Time Moonshine, John Wilkes Booth

ELDER / MOS GENERATOR – Live in Europe 2015
20.06.2015 F – Clisson, Hellfest 2015, (only ELDER)
22.06.2015 ESP – Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom
23.06.2015 ESP – Barcelona, Riff Ritual Fest Sala Boveda
25.06.2015 CH – Luzern, Sedel
26.06.2015 GER – Kloster Weil, JH
27.06.2015 GER – Siegen, Vortex
29.06.2015 UK – Cardiff, Moon Club
01.07.2015 UK – Edinburgh, Bannermans
02.07.2015 UK – London, Garage,
03.07.2015 UK – Bristol, The Louisiana
05.07.2015 B – Leuven, Sojo
08.07.2015 GER – Hamburg, Hafenklang
10.07.2015 GER – Erfurt, Stoned From The Underground Festival 2015
11.07.2015 A – Nikolsdorf, Stick & Stone Festival 2015
12.07.2015 HUN – Budapest, Dürer Kert
13.07.2015 A – Vienna, Arena
15.07.2015 ROM – Bucarest, Fabrica Club
16.07.2015 I – Milano, Lo fi Club
17.07.2015 I – Prato, No Cage
20.07.2015 F – Paris, Glazart
21.07.2015 F – Nantes, Club tba
23.07.2015 A – Salzburg, Rockhouse
24.07.2015 GER – Beelen, Krach Am Bach Festival 2015
25.07.2015 GER – Dresden. Chemiefabrik
26.07.2015 GER – Nürnberg, Zentralcafe
27.07.2015 GER – Munich, Backstage, Free & Easy Festival
29.07.2015 GER – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
31.07.2015 B – Waarshoot, Roadkill Festival 2015
01.08.2015 GER – Bielefeld, Forum, Stickman Records showcase
02.08.2015 GR – Drama, Fuzztastic Planet Fest 2015, (only ELDER)
04.08.2015 NOR – Oslo, Pokalen
05.08.2015 DK – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
06.08.2015 GER – Berlin, Cassiopeia
08.08.2015 A – Nepomukteich Waldhausen, Lake on Fire Festival 2015

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