Love Gang Announce Meanstreak Out Jan. 27; Premiere Title-Track

Love Gang

A mean streak, huh? Yeah, they found it. Somewhere between the Iommian leads of “Deathride,” the Motörhead-via-West-Coast-mellow of the title-track’s bluesy not-asking-for-much (premiering below), the fiercer Duel-style post-Dust brashness of “Bad News,” the I-think-they-mean-it “let’s boogie!” before they jam out in “Headed Down to Mexico” and the last ripper solo and acoustic playoff of “Fly Away,” Love Gang‘s impending second album, Meanstreak, has no trouble living up to the name it’s been given. Produced in Austin, Texas, by Gian Ortiz of that city’s massively-underrated torrential rockers Amplified Heat — whose guitarist, Jim Ortiz, also adds a guest solo to the penultimate “Same Ol’ Blues” — the eight-songer brings headspinner riffs to bear in a way that feels born out of 2019’s Dead Man’s Game (review here) but is even rawer in its approach. As they would seem to be aware of, they’re becoming a meaner band.

And Meanstreak is all about the energy they bring; like a (rather effective) call to see them live. There’s scorch to be found on organ or guitar, shuffle in the bass and push in the drums, but it’s movement and momentum one way or the other. United in style and mission, Love Gang‘s songs are a sampler of vintage delights put forward with a modern intensity. That is, it’s ’70s rock, but more about taking the natural production style and bringing it into the 2020s than trying to pretend the last half-century of rock and roll never happened. Can you dig it? Oh, I think so. They make doing so fun.

You can check out “Meanstreak” on the embed below. As one might hope for a title-track, it gives a pretty solid idea of where they’re coming from on the whole.

Album art and PR wire info follow the player. Please enjoy:

Love Gang, “Meanstreak” track premiere

Love Gang Meanstreak

LOVE GANG: New album “Meanstreak” out January 27th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, LOVE GANG is a throwback to the golden days of rock ’n roll, when the amps were loud, the hair was long, and the drugs were cheap. Influenced by the obscure and underground rock of the 70s, they manage to keep their sound classic and true while also creating original compelling songs that don’t grow tired or sound as if you’ve heard it all before. Love Gang likes to play fast high energy songs full of driving blues boogie, wailing psychedelic guitar solos and crunchy hammond organ. They formed in late 2015 with Kam Wentworth on guitar/vocals, Grady O’Donnell on bass guitar, Leo Muñoz on organ/flute, and Shaun Goodwin on drums. Following a 10-show tour supporting Wolfmother in 2018, Love Gang self-released their debut LP ‘Dead Man’s Game’ in October 2019 under the moniker Colfax Records.

Their sophomore album “Meanstreak” was recorded in Austin, TX by Gian Ortiz at his home studio. The recordings were done full analog to tape and capture a pure raw sound. The lyrical content involves relevant topics in the band’s life ranging from women political unrest in the U.S. depression, drugs motorcycles, and wild nights in Juarez Mexico.

1. Deathride
2. Meanstreak
3. Bad News
4. Blinded by Fear
5. Shake This Feelin’
6. Headed Down to Mexico
7. Same ‘ol Blues
8. Fly Away

All music written by Love Gang
Guest lead guitar by Jim Ortiz on “Same Ol’Blues”
Recorded and mixed in Austin TX by Gian Ortiz on analog equipment
Mastered by Nico Leophonte at Alnico Studios
Photography by Travis Heacock
Album design byHeavy & Beyond Studios

Kam Wentworth – Guitar & Vocals
Leo Muñoz – Organ
Grady O’Donnell – Bass
Shaun Goodwin – Drums

Love Gang, Dead Man’s Game (2019)

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