All Them Witches Post “Tour Death Song” from Baker’s Dozen Monthly Singles Project

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Tonight, Nashville four-piece play Nottingham, UK, as part of a Fall UK/European tour that will take them through almost all of October. I mention it both because, well, they plug the tour with the link below and because the latest installment of their ongoing ‘Baker’s Dozen’ monthly singles project is called “Tour Death Song,” which, as you might guess, is also about touring.

It’s always seemed like All Them Witches have had a complicated relationship with being on the road. They’ve been at it since at least 2013 and they’re a professional band, so that’s how they make their money, by going places and playing. Obviously that’s been a rough economy for the last two years, and they’ve never pretended that it’s easy work, but as soon as stuff opened back up, All Them Witches were quick to get back out.

As they move through this year-long project, this would seem to be the most direct acknowledgment of the effect of lockdowns on the band, though I’ve listened through a couple times and I didn’t catch any lines about “hey we miss our families and personal lives so please buy a t-shirt,” and I somehow doubt they’d be so crass. Parks, who I’m just going to call by his last name since that’s how I think of him, features in the video playing acoustic guitar, and generally speaking is a better lyricist than that.

Like much of ‘Baker’s Dozen,’ it’s a moody vibe here, but it tips more toward the structured end of songwriting than some of the jammier fare that the series has wrought. As ever, All Them Witches sound most of all like All Them Witches. I very much hope to see them at some point soon. It’s been a few years.

Time flies:

All Them Witches, “Tour Death Song”

Tour On Sale Now:


All Them Witches is:
Charles Michael Parks, Jr – bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
Ben McLeod – guitar, vocals
Robby Staebler – drums, vocals
Allan Van Cleave – Rhodes piano, keys, violin

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