All Them Witches Post “Tiger’s Pit” from Baker’s Dozen Monthly Singles Project

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We’re eight tracks deep now into All Them Witches‘ year-long ‘Baker’s Dozen’ singles project, and “Tiger’s Pit” continues the band’s streak of offering something different each time out. Though that’s basically their thing anyhow, which makes it doubly impressive that I could’ve just as easily started out this post talking about how consistent they are and been no less correct.

I’m struck by the breadth of the production for “Tiger’s Pit,” as well as the heft of the tones that fill it, reminding and almost threatening how heavy the Nashville four-piece can be when they do choose — shout out to their 2019 single “1×1” (posted here) — but also that they are much more than just that. More song-based than some of the other ‘Baker’s Dozen’ pieces so far, certainly more straightforward than July’s “6969 WXL The Cage” — it had its own post but just stream it below in the giant block of videos-to-date — it follows a linear course and just kind of ends in a fade, but still leaves an impression through its verses and overarching clarity.

A new track every month has been a fair amount to keep up with, but it brings to light the creative scope of All Them Witches at this point and the trust they’ve engendered that they can basically go wherever they want and those who follow will follow. As for new listeners, well, there’s plenty to dig into, for sure, and so long as you keep in mind that they almost never want to do the same thing twice, you should be fine. Might want to go with a proper full-length, though, for initial digging. Still, if this leads to that somehow, all the better.

Watch out for tigers:

All Them Witches, “Tiger’s Pit”

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All Them Witches is:
Charles Michael Parks, Jr – bass, vocals
Ben McLeod – guitar, vocals
Robby Staebler – drums, vocals
Allan Van Cleave – Rhodes piano, keys, violin

All Them Witches, “6969 WXL The Cage”

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