All Them Witches Post “L’Hotel Serein” from Baker’s Dozen Monthly Singles Project

all them witches lhotel serein

Last Friday of the month. I’ll have you know I managed to have the back end of this post ready to roll out today and I still didn’t get it done in time to beat their email update saying the song had been released. If you’ve been keeping up with ‘Baker’s Dozen’ — the Nashville four-piece’s monthly singles project for 2022, all prior installments of which you’ll see streaming below — you’ll note that All Them Witches‘ latest single, “L’Hotel Serein,” is way more of a song than some have been, and accordingly, the video is more of a traditional video, showcasing the band at work in the studio, either on this track or others.

All Them Witches have been back on the road for a while now, and that’s great, and I’m somewhat curious what the future for the band holds as they move ahead reunited with Allan Van Cleave on keys and violin. I’m pretty sure they have their own workable studio, which might not be Abbey Road, where they recorded 2019’s Nothing as the Ideal (review here), but would be bound to produce something very much their own, particularly as at least Ben McLeod and Robby Staebler have engineering experience that I know of, which isn’t to say Van Cleave or Parks don’t, just that if they do I’m not aware of it. If you have a phone, you kind of have recording experience on some level. And no, not just because your phone is secretly telling corporations how much you like Oreos.

But the future of the band I’m interested in is their getting back to songwriting, and in that, “L’Hotel Serein” — of which Parks discusses the origin below, acknowledging quietly that, in French, it should be ‘l’hôtel,’ with the accent over the ‘o’ — is somewhat telling, at least in terms of vibe. As in there’s a lot of it. And for a cut that’s not much over four minutes long, what it accomplishes atmospherically rests easily alongside some of band’s longer recent jams.

Do enjoy:

All Them Witches, “L’Hotel Serein” official video

all them witches lhotel serein explanation

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All Them Witches is:
Charles Michael Parks, Jr – bass, vocals
Ben McLeod – guitar, vocals
Robby Staebler – drums, vocals
Allan Van Cleave – Rhodes piano, keys, violin

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