All Them Witches Post “Acid Face” from Baker’s Dozen Monthly Singles Project

It’s the last Friday of the month, and if you’ve been keeping up throughout the year so far, you know that means All Them Witches have a new song as part of their Baker’s Dozen monthly singles project. This is actually the first month I’ve managed to remember before the song was actually posted, so I’ll pat myself on the back in having the back end of this post ready to go, and having now actually heard the thing, it’s 17-minute soan renders it as something of an EP unto itself. That, mind you, is not a complaint.

With Hammond organ pulsing alongside the guitar and a hooky groove that’s uptempo without trying too hard to sell itself to the listener, the mega-jam starts off fluid and stays that way for the duration. Robby Staebler, by this point in the band’s career, is a master of working around the central beat, so that even as the rhythm holds, he’s not playing the same thing necessarily every measure through. That makes the transitions in “Acid Face” even smoother, as it heads into Doors-style guitar spaciousness after about six minutes in and picks its way back up through spring morning pastoralia en route to ever more ethereal, improvibing (sic) hypnosis, active without too much going on, laid back without being boring. A jam to hang with for a while.

About 17 minutes, actually.

Until next month, then:

All Them Witches, “Acid Face” official video

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All Them Witches is:
Charles Michael Parks, Jr – bass, vocals
Ben McLeod – guitar, vocals
Robby Staebler – drums, vocals
Allan Van Cleave – Rhodes piano, keys, violin

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