DoctoR DooM Premiere New Single “What They Are Trying to Sell”

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Let’s be honest, we know what they’re trying to sell. Nine times out of 10, they’re trying to sell you on some bullshit. Credit to DoctoR DooM for saying as much in a more eloquent boogie-doom fashion. The first single from the French four-piece in some five years arrives as portend for a full-length reportedly to come next year, answering the proto-style urgency of their 2014 debut, This Seed We Have Sown (review here), with a sharpness of execution that can be heard in the interplay of lead guitar and organ in the second half and the rhythmic turns throughout. For a classic-sounding track — not vintage in terms of production, but warm and organic, certainly, and rooted in heavy ’70s and ’10s rock, as much Captain Beyond as Graveyard — they make a five-minute stretch feel deceptively taut, and if that’s maybe trying to make up for lost time for the half-decade it’s been since their first LP, “What They Are Trying to Sell” has enough swing for any pendulum they might encounter.

The key is that slowdown. They start by Doctor-Doom-What-They-Are-Trying-To-Sell-Covershaking the dust off with an initial two-guitar stretch and drum shuffle, hitting marks through the first verse and teasing the chorus to come after the second, unveiling the title-line after two minutes in before the guitars step back to let wah-bass stand alone in righteously farty fashion, a herald of the darker march about to be undertaken. By the song’s midpoint, DoctoR DooM have shifted into this more plodding modus, and they carry it forward into a building section of lead lines before a stop brings the chug that was pre-NWOBHM but became NWOBHM back around as a running counterpoint to the stomp preceding. Good, dynamic fun. Nothing too crazy, nothing pretentious about it, but well timed and well executed turns. They jam for a bit and add a final verse with guitarist Jean-Laurent Pasquet seeming to add a little extra Swede to the vocals, and end raucous on a swirl of soloing and final crashes.

And the theme as related by the title will reportedly perpetuate throughout the entire LP in 2022, so there’s perhaps another level on which “What They Are Trying to Sell” speaks to DoctoR DooM‘s ongoing intention. For today though, never mind that. We’ll get to release dates and album art (though the single art rules and is worth mentioning specifically; cheers to Xavier Aliot) and tracklistings and preorders and all that happy stuff when time comes. Right now, we jive.


DoctoR DooM on “What They Are Trying to Sell”:

Just like the rest of our new album, “What They Are Trying To Sell” deals with the downward spiral of our modern society. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we are into conspiracy theories or saying “things were better in the good old days.” In this song, we are referring to the disdain and cynicism with which political leaders and the media consider the average citizen (or consumer). We believe that, when it comes down to it, these days we no longer live in the “information” age, but rather the “influence” age. That being said, we also like to have a good laugh!

Song credits:
Jean-Laurent Pasquet – vocals, guitar
Bertrand Legrand – guitar
Michel Marcq – drums
Sébastien Boutin Blomfield – bass, audio engineering
Jim Blomfield – organ

Mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound. Artwork by Xavier Aliot.

Since the creation of the band in 2011 in the French town of Pamiers, DoctoR DooM has blazed an impressive trail for fans of authentic Hard Rock, Metal and Progressive Blues.

The fruit of a passion for 70s music, as well as recent retrogressive artists such as Graveyard, Witchcraft and Horisont, the band started out like many others by covering Rock classics, and little by little original songs made it into their repertoire. In 2012 DoctoR DooM recorded a 3 track EP called “DoomO” which managed to get the attention of US label STB Records, as well as the interest of Rock fans around the world.

This Seed We Have Sown, the first DoctoR DooM album, was released worldwide on 27th July 2014 via Ripple Music (US) accompanied by a series of limited edition vinyl releases on STB Records. DoctoR DooM have been busy in the studio working on their second album, set to release in 2022 on Ripple Music and Black Farm Records (France).

Doctor Doom are:
Jean-Laurent Pasquet (Guitar, Vocals)
Sébastien Boutin Blomfield (Bass)
Michel Marcq (Drums)
Betrand Legrand (Guitar)

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