Stoned Jesus Enter the Studio; “Bright Like the Morning” Acoustic Video Posted

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Kyiv heavy forerunners Stoned Jesus have, as of today, begun the recording process for their next full-length. What’s being billed thus far only as the hashtag #stjvth will serve as the follow-up to 2019’s Pilgrims (review here), and likely not see release until sometime in the first half of 2022. It could be May, folks. It could be September for all I know, but assuming everything goes to plan, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Stoned Jesus in Springtime?

The trio played all of one show last year, but to look at their upcoming schedule they’re clearly looking to make up for lost time. It saddens me — sincerely, I mean this — that I’ve never seen the band live. They were confirmed for Desertfest New York 2020, and, well, poof went that idea. They’re on fest bills now in their native Ukraine as well as Switzerland, which is certainly a start, Will the new Stoned Jesus record be done by the time those take place? Certainly stranger things have happened.

Two videos have been posted — one from each set — from the aforementioned 2020 gig. The plugged-in “Apathy” and “Bright Like the Morning” from their acoustic set, which just came out. Originally featured on 2012’s Seven Thunders Roar (review here), the song should be readily familiar to anyone who’s dug into that record owing to its bending the algorithms that rule our lives and listening habits to its will over the last nine years. Someone had to do it, we’re just lucky Stoned Jesus don’t suck.

And that latter point is a big part of why I’m looking forward to their next album. Bet it doesn’t sound like the last one, but also bet it’s still cool. Adventures in songwriting with Igor & Co.

Enjoy the clip:

Stoned Jesus, “Bright Like the Morning” acoustic live 2020

Igor Sidorenko on “Bright Like the Morning”:

“We’ve always been very skeptical about bands doing unplugged versions of their tracks, but the funny thing with like 80% of StJ numbers is that I actually wrote them on the acoustic guitar and they are SONGS! So playing a handful of them last year in stripped down variant felt really natural and lotta fun. This particular “Bright Like the Morning” is currently our favorite version of the track!”

Acoustics September 1, Kyiv Tickets:

Filmed by
Aleksandr Sinkin
Dmytro Burko
Sergii Burko

Edited by
Sergii Sliusar

Thanks to
Eugene Kibets and HMG
Vlad Lyashenko and InshaMuzyka

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30.07 – Faine Misto (Ternopil, UA)
8.08 – PALP festival (Switzerland)
14.08 – tba, UA
28-29.08 – ????? Family (Kharkiv, UA)

Stoned Jesus is:
Igor Sydorenko – Vocals & Guitars
Serhij Sljussar – Bass
Dmytro Zinchenko – Drums

Stoned Jesus, “Apathy” live 2020

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