Hashtronaut Debut Single “Moonquake” out June 17

There are a few entities out there in the wilds of social media calling themselves Hashtronaut, so don’t get the wrong one. This Hashtronaut are a three-piece from Denver, the rock scene of which only seems to be getting mile higher and higher as time goes on. Boasting members of Near Dusk, The Heavy Eyes and Alamo Black, the trio bring out “Moonquake” as an initial public offering that’s just three and a half minutes long but holds promise for further exploration of weight and space to come.

Moreover, for all the tone collecting from the vastness of the void noted in their brief bio, the lyrics of “Moonquake” take a decidedly more personal view of space, turning the metaphor inward rather than indulging an all-out science fiction narrative. As to how representative the song is of the work they’ll do going forward, who the hell knows? But it’s a cool track with a blend of straight up riffage and broader atmosphere and if you gotta start somewhere, that’s a fine spot to do it.

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Hashtronaut Moonquake

Hashtronaut – Moonquake

Hashtronaut, a doomed three-piece based out of Denver, CO, are set to release their first single, Moonquake, on 6/17 streaming on all platforms and bandcamp https://wearehashtronauts.bandcamp.com/.

The trio is made up of Dan Smith of Alamo Black on bass / vox, Kellen McInerney of Near Dusk on guitar, and Eric Garcia of Heavy Eyes on drums. Song was mixed and mastered by Matt Qualls (of Heavy Eyes) and are set to release a second single in the near future with the follow up of a full LP.

Originating in Denver, Colorado, Hashtronaut has spent the majority of the past year exploring the outer reaches of time and space. While Earth has struggled with disease, violence, and political upheaval, we have been collecting tones from the vastness of the void in hopes that they will expand your minds and unify us heading into the new frontier. We are Hashtronauts.


Hashtronaut, “Moonquake”

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