All Souls Update on Virtual Volumes Livestream with Fatso Jetson

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Hey, here’s a thing I’m gonna watch. All Souls and Fatso Jetson, each playing a pretty quick set, about an hour in total, nobody trying to make it like pretend-you’re-at-a-show-so-here-goes-your-whole-evening kind of thing, but still offering enough general kickassery to hopefully sell a few shirts and spread good cheer. I’m not saying I’ve heard the audio from these performance or anything, but yes, I have, and they both sound fantastic. Sharing drummer Tony Tornay between them and recording live at Total Annihilation Studios, everybody gets down to business and until I can actually go and see All Souls in-person, I’ll happily take this not as a replacement, but at least a sign of something I should look forward to down the line.

But whatever, you know all that. I don’t know when the exact airdate is, but it’ll be sometime next month, so keep an eye out.

Here’s the update from All Souls:

all souls fatso jetson virtual volumes

Hey folks! We will be releasing Virtual Volumes this in June on LiveFrom Events with options to buy exclusive merchandise along with the stream. The video lasts about an hour and includes 5 songs each from ALL SOULS & FATSO JETSON with some behind the scenes footage.

The recording will be available soon for pre-order on vinyl as a gatefold with a DVD of the performance. We are beyond stoked on this, especially because it’s a project with our long time friends Fatso Jetson, filmmaker Joshua Erkman (he just filmed and directed the recently aired Levitation Sessions with the Ty Segall Freedom Band and Fuzz), Memo Villaseñor (our go-to photographer for all our band shoots), Brandon Henderson (desert buddy, amazing projectionist) and Eddie Rivas (sound engineer, owner of Total Annihilation and partner at Eastside Rehearsal). We are really happy with the way it came out.

AND…. we recently performed for Jam in the Van. We literally set up and played in a camper van and it turned out great! That will be airing on May 28th so we are told. Be sure to follow or their social media pages. I’ll include a link of the performance in one of the next updates.


All Souls, Songs for the End of the World (2020)

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