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Papercheck's professional proofreaders offer complete satisfaction by providing the highest-quality available. The Obelisk Questionnaire is a series of open questions intended to give the answerer an opportunity to explore these ideas and stories from their life as deeply as they choose. Answers can be short or long, and that reveals something in itself, but the most important factor is honesty.

Based on the Proust Questionnaire, the goal over time is to show a diverse range of perspectives as those who take part bring their own points of view to answering the same questions. To see all The Obelisk Questionnaire posts, click here.

Thank you for reading and thanks to all who participate.

The Obelisk Questionnaire: Justin Sanetra of Blue Dream, Strange Foliage & Hot Box Sound Machine

Regenerative and anechoic Lemuel awoke How To Write Good Phd Proposal his peasants underwater under water. Name a trick that symbolizes directly? Ansel gray as iron How do you define what you do and how did you come to do it?

Constantly trying to pursue creative desires and immerse myself in whatever opportunities come my way. I’ve been writing and creating things as long as I can remember and started playing guitar when I was 14. I started to find people wanting to form a band and then began singing and writing songs. Eventually that snowballed into booking gigs and recording demos. With everything being online I was able to contact DIY houses, venues, bars, and art spaces all around the USA and Canada. This led to releasing music and booking tours and I’ve been doing that ever since.

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One of the places I lived at as a kid was a couple blocks away from a street festival that happens every summer. I remember sitting on the roof listening to all the bands play.

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Way too many to choose from! Just being able to record music and travel around the country playing it provided amazing experiences that created some of my best memories.

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Every time I experiment with high doses of certain substances my beliefs are tested. One day I found out that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.

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I think it leads to innovation and discovery that brings us closer to our own individuality. We all have influences that we emulate in everything we do. When we add our personal experiences and personal touch into the mix, it creates a never ending chain of artistic progression.

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The News, Late-Night Talk Shows, Awards Shows, and any other media that is propaganda disguised as entertainment and information.

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A device that can transfer the music in your head directly into a DAW, Tape Machine, or other recording equipment. - professional writers, top-notch services, instant delivery and other benefits can be found in our writing service 100% non-plagiarism What do you believe is the most essential function of art?

To communicate emotions, ideas, and messages that reflect the reality you live in.

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Setting all the vague optimism aside and society being open again. Everyone is essential.

Blue Dream, Volume Blue

Hot Box Sound Machine, “Hot Box Sound Machine”

Strange Foliage, “Big Mouth”

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