Ruff Majik Post “Lead Pills and Thrills” Video; The Devil’s Cattle out Oct. 30

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The PR wire’s got plenty to say about it. Find that under the video below.

And please enjoy:

Ruff Majik, “Lead Pills and Thrills” official video


Album Pre-Order / Pre-Save:

“Lead Pills And Thrills” is the third single to be released from our upcoming album “The Devil’s Cattle”. It’s the first one to feature both Evert and Johni front and centre on vocal duties, and also the first time the band experimented with piano driven rock ‘n roll. Lyrically, the song deals with crippling addiction (to both lost love and alcohol).

The video is the conceptual follow up for the animated feature “Who Keeps Score”. Jimmy and Johni are both out in the wasteland, being pursued by zombies. Evert has been taken hostage by a zombie horde to be the personal piano man for their bar – and Jimmy and Johni set out to rescue him. Once there, they discover they have fallen right into a clumsily planned trap.

“Lead Pills And Thrills” (as with the previous videos and album art) is a love letter to B-grade horror and action movies, and this vision was captured perfectly by Tiger And Lilly Productions.

“When hell is full, the dead will walk the earth – turns out they like rock ‘n roll too.” – frontman, Johni Holiday


Starring: Johni Holiday, Evert Snyman and Jimmy Glass.
Also starring: Ella, Anni, Brendon, Innes, Finn, Terry, Gert, Scrone, Allas, Wilco, Henkie, Bez, Cassie, Eaton, Katja and Roelof as zombies.
Art Direction and M.U.A: Karien Goosen and Jessica Young
Video Production: Tiger and Lilly Productions
Poster design and title design: Annemarie Buchner

Special thanks to Terrence, Iggy and Casey for the use of Shamrock, and to Tiaan for the use of the worlds biggest motorcycle.

Johni Holiday – guitar, vocals
Cowboy Van – guitar, bass, backing vocals, keys, harmonica
Jimmy Glass – bass, guitar
Evert Snyman – guitar, vocals, keys, percussion
Benni Manchino – drums, percussion

Ruff Majik, “Who Keeps Score” official video

Ruff Majik, “All You Need is Speed” lyric video

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