Days of Rona: The Patient Mrs.

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Days of Rona: The Patient Mrs. (Parsippany, New Jersey)

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Our Need Essay Written service is working twenty-four hours per day, is a great place to find a reliable person to write your paper. So, I’m going to answer this as though our family unit is the band: JJ, me, and the Pecan. (Alternative take on that social media thing where you talk about your kids and pets as bad coworkers?) Our daily routines are quite disrupted, but in a pretty privileged way. Thus far, we haven’t experienced a loss of income — though my university is forecasting layoffs/furloughs starting in July, I don’t know how that will affect me/us. Fingers crossed for a one-day/pay period furlough—I’m pretty sure we can absorb that.

To-date, our close family has been fine. My father died, but that can really only be thought of as the silver lining of this pandemic. However, I do have a bunch of students who are/have been sick and I’m pretty concerned for them and their families. The university I work for serves a pretty precarious population and this will have rippling effects.

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My last day physically at my job was March 12. In the week following, we (and our state) tightened up lockdown from there. The stay at home order gives exceptions for essential businesses, seeing family and exercising (and a few other things that don’t apply to us). We’ve also been going for drives here and again, just to get out of the house with a very energetic toddler. In addition to the formal rules, we have also adopted the recommendation that only one household member (JJ) actually goes in anywhere. I think the last time I went into a store was March 18.

phd thesis china Business Plan Developer diversity literature review in higher education the next research agenda dissertation on financial services How have you seen the virus affecting the community around you and in music?

Regarding music, I mostly just keep seeing all of JJ’s plans getting canceled. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to live in a ‘between time.’ What I mean by that is that this pandemic is almost like a distillation of an ideology (?) that says do x, then you’ll be able to do y. Make some good money, then you can travel. Build a career, then you can think about your passions. In this pandemic, it’s wait at home, then resume your life. Life is ‘suspended’ between now and then. But this is our life, just a different moment of it.

I think the music scene resists that waiting ethos in many ways. So many people just make this music and art a central piece of their lives, whether it ‘fits’ or not. Others can’t quite make it fit, but try and hold on the best they can. What, then, does this moment mean? What can be learned about how we ought to and must live our lives if we’re never actually ‘between,’ we just are?

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We in the US have been bemused/astonished/horrified at the rise (resurgence) of an ethnofascist state insistently driving towards crises of every sort; the absurdity of it all seems to be on full show in coronaland. I think this pandemic and our response to it is yet one more point of possibility. JJ tends toward political cynicism, but I still believe another world is possible. I don’t know the way there, but you know, if nothing else, unionize your workplace.

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