Fvzz Popvli Sign to Retro Vox Records for New Album

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fvzz popvli

Fvzz Popvli sign with Retro Vox Records!!!

First Editing’s professional editing service helps you publish. Print papers online they're fun, they're quick, and they give you. Dissertation Of Jesus Galindez Pootchie of Fvzz Popvli on the signing:

“After 2 albums, 10 European tours, 50.000km and more than 200 shows in 11 EU countries… We must say STOP! Now it’s time to rest and have a bit of time for ourselves… But the best thing is that a new adventure is coming, we gonna enter in the studio for our 3rd album in the end of January! We are very excited to announce our new label for this release: RETROVOX RECORDS an Italian based Rock’n’roll label, Bye Heavy Psych Sounds, thanks for all you did! More news soon! “

Pay To Write Book Reports - Allow the professionals to do your essays for you. Use this company to receive your valid custom writing delivered on time Stop Carlo Izzo, A&R Retro Vox Records on the signing:

“I met Mr. Pootchie at Duna Jam years ago and soon was a blast. We had a lot of fun. Even if the band was under licence with another label I always try to help ’em with booking and with suggestions on production. That’s why I think this is a sort of natural transition.”

FRANCESCO “POOTCHIE” PUCCI – Guitar and Voice (BEESUS,The Wisdoom)
DATIO PALATIO – Bass (The Anthony’s Vinyls)
George – Drums


Fvzz Popvli, Magna Fvzz (2018)

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