The Top 20 of 2019 Year-End Poll is Now Open!


[PLEASE NOTE: This is not the same thing as the Top 20 of the 2010s Poll, which is ongoing. This is 2019 only. Participation in both or either is welcome and encouraged.]

I was waffling on the idea of doing a year-end poll, since I didn’t want it to take away from the above-linked decade-end one. But when that went up, I said I might not do one for 2019 and the response here and on thee social medias was resoundingly in favor of having both. So…

Okay folks, here it is. Don’t let the opportunity slip. Get your list of 20 of the best of 2019 together and put it in the form below and we’ll do it up like always. Honestly, these polls and these lists are a tremendous resource to me, so I’m glad it’s happening, but especially with two polls going, maximum participation is all the more important.

Really. Get involved. Please share the link. Tell two friends and tell them to tell two friends. Buy a billboard on the side of I-95 in Stamford. Skywriting. Write your congressional or parliamentary representative. Whatever you can do to help spread the word, it’s appreciated.

Same rules as ever: You submit your list of up to 20 favorites on the form below. Anything from Jan. 2019 to whatever’s coming out between now and Dec. 31 is eligible. At the end, there are two lists, one of the raw votes, and one in which a 1-4 ranking is worth five points, 5-8 worth four, 9-12 worth three, 13-16 worth two and 17-20 worth one.

A sentient robot trapped in a bunker somewhere tabulates the results (with paper backups, of course; we’re not unaware of threats to cybersecurity), and they go up Jan. 1, along with everybody’s list.

Time to make it happen:


Extra special thanks to The Obelisk’s Much-Loved Technical Coordinator Supreme Slevin this time around, who has gone above in beyond in setting up a second app this time so the two polls can run at once. My deep gratitude and respect for his efforts knows no bounds.

Please note, no emails are kept or stored. The whole thing gets wiped after the lists are posted so we can do it all again next year. Thanks.

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5 Responses to “The Top 20 of 2019 Year-End Poll is Now Open!”

  1. SabbathJeff says:

    Thanks for putting this up! Lots of jostling/shuffling/re-organizing before hitting that submit button. Was a heck of a year!

  2. Colin M. says:

    Thanks! This came very close to giving me legitimate anxiety – I had to leave a ton of truly fantastic albums (Seratones, Year of the Cobra, Wizzerd, Saver, Witchfinder, Firebreather, Hath, and so many more) off the list, and I have a backlog of things that for time and budget reasons I just haven’t gotten to yet at all. I will say though that my top five and their order are rock solid.

    This was a massive year for good tunes!

  3. Justin O'Gorman says:

    There was a ton of great albums from Canadian bands this year!!
    Sandveiss, Hemptress, Chron Goblin, Woodhawk, Black Mastiff, Lucia, Crimson, Witch, Black Sheep, The Devil Legba, Chronobot, Bort, Jimbo, Cakeface…

    This was a great year for Canadian Music!!

  4. Neil Archer says:

    Still buying stuff since I put in my list. Officium Triste and Brume .

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