Dr. Awkward and the Screws Premiere “Doomed” Lyric Video; Gettin’ Out of Style out Feb. 18

dr awkward and the screws

That’s certainly one way to win at band names.  Dr. Awkward and the Screws, based in Athens, will release their debut full-length, Gettin’ Out of Style, next month. The four-piece issued a self-titled EP in 2017, and that was loaded with boogie and good vibes, but if the track premiering below, “Doomed,” is anything to go by, they’re exploring some darker fare on their long-player. And by the way, I have no idea if “Doomed” is anything to go by or not. And having listened to the EP, I wouldn’t try to predict one way or the other. A classic-style influence persists between the EP and the new track, but the context of that has changed significantly, and there’s enough quirk to go around in their approach that it may well be “Doomed” is an outlier chosen to be a single in an effort to throw listeners off. I’m not saying Dr. Awkward and the Screws can’t be trusted, but, well, okay, yeah, I guess I am saying that. But hey, sometimes unreliable narrators are fun.

And “Doomed,” while more grim of attitude than the three-songer the band released two years ago, is still fun. Whatever might surround it on the LP to come, it seems likely to carry that thread. Bassist Greg has an almost early-thrash style to his vocals, or scum-punk since it’s essentially the same either way, and the riffs he tops from guitarists John and Kostas tap into proto-metallic vibes through clean tones that run organically over the crashing of Thoukydidis‘ drums. “Doomed” is a quick listen at 3:28, which is shorter than anything that appeared on the self-titled, so that may be another clue to an aesthetic shift, or it may not. Like I said, not knowing is part of the appeal. While we’re on the topic of known-unknowns, the release date for Gettin’ Out of Style is set for Feb. 18-25. It’s a release week. Somewhere in there. I would assume it’ll be out before March, just to play it safe.

Hey, it’s Friday. Lighten up and enjoy being “Doomed.”

Have at it:

Dr. Awkward and the Screws, “Doomed” official lyric video

Doomed is the single of the upcoming album ” Gettin’ out of Style “.
Release date: February 18-25 , 2019

Recorded by S_FX & Greg Konstantaras at Ritual Studios , Athens , Greece
Mastered by S_FX at Ritual Studios , Athens ,Greece
Artwork by Manster Design

Dr. Awkward & The Screws is a 70s rock – heavy blues band from Greece. In the January of 2017 their homonym EP was released and they made their first professional move. Slowly, steadily, and strongly they have already played in “Gyftopoulou Street fest” with: Vodka Juniors, Wherswilder, 7 odds, and Overjoyed. Furthermore, they have played in a really appraising appearance in “Kyttaro” as a support band for Imperial State Electric – of the legendary Nicke Andersson.

Dr. Awkward and the Screws:
Greg – Vocals / Bass Guitar
John – Guitar
Kostas – Guitar
Thoukydidis – Drums

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