Bunny Racket Launch Kickstarter; Post “A Chicken is Not a Fruit” Video

I love this. I love every second of it. I’m so on board with Bunny Racket that I might actually donate to the Kickstarter launched to continue the project and make more videos, and I almost never do that kind of thing (because I’m a bad person). It’s brilliant, it’s ostensibly for kids and it’s called “A Chicken is Not a Fruit.” The project, spearheaded by Australia’s Andy Walker, also involves Brant Bjork — who previously discussed it here — and Robby Krieger of The Doors, so I’m just going to assume Thunder Underground Studios was involved in some way, shape or fashion, since that’s usually how it goes, but wow, it’s so brilliantly and charmingly weird in a way that the best kids’ entertainment should be.

Lots of info follows, but I encourage you to watch the video as well to really get a sense of what the project is about, then go give it all your money at the crowdfunding link. You’ll probably want to do that anyway. Behold Bunny Racket:

bunny racket

Introducing.. BUNNY RACKET

Created by Andy Walker feat. Brant Bjork (Kyuss) and Robby Krieger (The Doors)

There’s a new rabbit bringing some rock’n’roll to the kid’s entertainment patch. His name is King Bunny and his band is BUNNY RACKET.

Today Bunny Racket officially releases its first single, a bass heavy thumper called ‘A Chicken is not a Fruit’. Check it out…

‘A Chicken is not a Fruit’ is a taste of things to come, including an album and an online music video series that follows the adventures of King Bunny – a guitar wielding, skateboard riding, nature loving rabbit with a passion for playing rock’n’roll… LOUD!

The creation of Australian musician Andy Walker, Bunny Racket’s forthcoming debut album ‘Rock’n’Roll Animals’ features the work of some pedigree rock rabbits with Walker’s mate Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fumanchu) taking on drums and backing vocals, Robby Krieger of The Doors joining the studio line-up as lead guitarist and Sam Cutler, legendary tour manager for The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead, adding spoken word.

And it doesn’t stop there. Hopping on stage with King Bunny is an all-star, revolving live line-up including members of The Vines, Wolfmother, Skunkhour and Grinspoon. They ruled Little Splendour at this year’s Splendour in the Grass and will soon hit the stage at Aussie kid’s festival Dress Up Attack.

The sound… Imagine the Ramones, KISS and AC/DC joining forces with The Cat in The Hat and you get an idea of where Bunny Racket sits on the musical spectrum.

“Rock’n’roll struck me like lightening when I was 12 and went to my first gig, the Ramones. I was struggling to see the band when some older guys, punks, saw me and put me up on their shoulders. The feeling of that experience has stayed with me. Music brings people and generations together.” said Walker.

It’s this idea of shared experience that brought Bunny Racket to life, driven by Walker’s fierce love for rock music and a yearning for kid friendly tunes that are relevant, positive, educational and inspiring. There are lessons to be learned in spelling, counting, colours, geography and of course music.

With ‘A Chicken is not a Fruit’ set to prick up the ears of both young and old, it’s time to bring Bunny Racket to life. Backed by a great crew and an epic soundtrack, Andy Walker and the team are ready to get filming, but they need help to make it happen.

Coinciding with the release of ‘A Chicken is not a Fruit’, a Bunny Racket Kickstarter Campaign launches today and will help fund the production and post-production phases of the first 4 episodes. Each episode will be released free to air via YouTube, and feature two music videos within each story. Please spread the word!


Bunny Racket, “A Chicken is Not a Fruit”

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