Suns of Thyme Premiere Video for “Deep Purple Rain”

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First of all, before we even get started, kudos to German heavy psychedelic rockers Suns of Thyme on the title. “Deep Purple Rain” comes from the band’s second album and Napalm Records debut, Cascades, which arrived earlier this year, and like a lot of the record it calls home, it runs a line somewhere between progressive krautrock impulses and psychedelic texturing. The band seem perfectly comfortable in that space — and why not — and even go so far as to add some bluesy inflection to “Deep Purple Rain,” like a less Doors-driven, more modernly influenced The Flying Eyes.

I’ll admit I was somewhat surprised when Napalm picked these cats up. Don’t get me wrong, they’re young, they’ll probably tour, they’re good — all that fun, signable stuff — but Europe’s heavy psych scene is loaded with bands, and Suns of Thyme seemed kind of drawn out of a hat. “Deep Purple Rain” — the song, not just the title — goes a long way toward explaining the appeal. It’s in the nuance of the songwriting and the still-organic vibe of the performance, the mixture of earthy undertones and otherworldly spaces that they make work in natural concert with each other. Took me a while, but I think I get it.

If you’ve been on the fence, it might do you some good to check out “Deep Purple Rain” as well. I’m kind of taking the Native American visual theme stuff with a grain of they’re-from-Germany salt — in any case, it’s not going to be the most offensive video posted this week — and would suggest you do the same should you decide to dig in, which you can do below.

PR wire info follows. Enjoy:

Suns of Thyme, “Deep Purple Rain” official video

The brand new album Cascades by German Krautgaze sensation Suns of Thyme has already hit the stores. Suns of Thyme blends space rock, shoegaze, and psychedelia reminiscent of Velvet Underground on its sophomore album. Cascades is now available HERE.

Cascades Track list:
1. Do Or Die
2. Intuition Unbound
3. Ich Träum Von Dir
4. To Vanish
5. Rush
6. Schweben
7. Deep Purple Rain
8. Val Verde
9. The Field
10. Aphelion
11. Prelude
12. In Dreams Awake
13. Kirwani
14. Kirwani II

Suns of Thyme is:
Tammo Dehn / Synths, Percussions, Sampler
Tobias Feltes / Vocals, Guitars, Sitar
Tim Hoppe / Guitars
Jascha Kreft / Drums, Vocals
Jens Rosenkranz / Bass

Suns of Thyme on Thee Facebooks

Suns of Thyme on Instagram

Suns of Thyme website

Napalm Records webstore

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