Shadow Witch Sign to Snake Charmer Coalition

Kingston, New York, four-piece Shadow Witch have inked a deal to release their debut album, Sun Killer, via Snake Charmer Coalition. The record has been given a Summer 2016 release date from the label, which is run by Brendan Burns of Wasted Theory (also The Eye of the Stoned Goat festival series), and there are currently three tracks streaming from it that you can hear below if you’re so inclined. Sound-wise, Shadow Witch dig into dudely heavy with a side-order of hey-check-it-out-it’s-tits objectification in the artwork and the like-you-better-without-clothes lyrics to the aptly-titled “Creeper.”

Riffs fuzz out a bit there as opposed to “The Shadow Witch,” which has a more cultish swirl in the guitar and vocals, if still showing an underlying sense of command rather than delving into chaos. “Occupy” would seem to answer “The Shadow Witch” in its NWOBHM chug, and while the band have earned comparisons to the ’70s and ’90s, there’s little retro about what they do either in tapping into proto-metal or grunge, which is what both those decade callouts would usually signify. Modern in their production and songwriting approach, Shadow Witch cap “Occupy” with militaristic call and response having shown a breadth of atmosphere that comes through even in rough mix form.

Snake Charmer Coalition announced the signing thusly:


SHADOW WITCH signs with Snake Charmer Coalition

Their debut full-length album “The Sun Killer” will be released this summer on Snake Charmer Coalition.

Snake Charmer Coalition is proud to announce its partnertship with Kingston, New York’s very own Shadow Witch. Shadow Witch delivers a fresh idea on teh stoner rock genre, and yet calls to mind influences of ’70s doom and ’90s grunge. “The Sun Killer” is their first full-length offering for the label.

Shadow Witch:
Earl Lundy: Lead Vocals, Mellotron, Loops
Anton Van Kleek: drums
Jeremy Hall: Guitars
David Pannullo: Bass, vocals

Shadow Witch, Rough Mixes from Sun Killer (2016)

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