Psychedelic Witchcraft Post The Vision Album Details; Lyric Video Available

Italian four-piece Psychedelic Witchcraft, for whom I’ve yet to come up with a more descriptive phrase than their moniker, have set a firm April 29 release date for their debut album on Soulseller Records. The follow-up to their 2015 Black Magic Man EP (review here) has been given the title The Vision, and the artwork and tracklisting has been revealed by the label ahead of preorders, which one can only assume are forthcoming.

Soulseller announced last month it has picked up the band and would release the album, which was news that came after Black Magic Man had been released by both Twin Earth Records in the US and Taxi Driver Records in the band’s native Italy, so if it’s Psychedelic Witchcraft‘s intent to go one label and one country at a time in a quest for world hypnosis/domination, it’s hard to argue they’re not well on their way.

There’s a lyric video out now for “Magic Hour Blues” that you can check out below. The song, as you can see in the tracklisting, will close the record. That’s a big reveal on the part of the band, but I’m sure they’ll have more tricks up their collective sleeve.

From the PR wire:

psychedelic witchcraft the vision

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT – Album details revealed

The debut album of Italian occult-doom-rockers PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT, entitled “The Vision”, will be released on April 29th 2016 through Soulseller Records on CD, limited vinyl and in digital versions.

A first song is already available – check out the “Magic Hour Blues“ official lyric video at this location:

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT is a project fronted by an Italian doomstress named Virginia Monti. The band was formed in March 2015, living through the imaginary of occult and witchcraft with psychedelic colors and emotions, inspired by the sounds and the pictures of an almost lost era. The EP “Black Magic Man” was released on vinyl in July and sold out in less than 10 days.

1. A Creature
2. Witches Arise
3. Demon Liar
4. Wicked Ways
5. The Night
6. The Only One That
7. War
8. Different
9. Magic Hour Blues

Psychedelic Witchcraft, “Magic Hour Blues” lyric video

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