Saturnalia Temple Post “Black Sea of Power” Video; Touring Europe and UK


Swedish gurglechurn purveyors of cultish psychedelic drear Saturnalia Temple late last year announced the permanent acquisition of Kennet Granholm for the drummer role. They had Tim Call (Aldebaran) sit in for 2015’s third album, To the Other, which was released through The Ajna Offensive and Listenable Records, alongside bassist Peter Karlsson and founding guitarist/vocalist Tommie Eriksson, and they’ll head out on tour starting next weekend in Europe and the UK to continue to herald their particular brand of the peculiar, a darkened swirling cauldron that continues to boil as though by forces unnatural.

To further the blend of weirdo doom and guttural oozing, the trio have a new video now for “Black Sea of Power” from To the Other. Also the name they’ve given the run of shows, it’s a fitting enough example of their methods, and of course the clip itself is rife with obscure death imagery, woodsy ambience, stop-motion and a camera that continues to stare long after it’s become uncomfortable. Just because Saturnalia Temple don’t scream and blastbeat doesn’t mean the music isn’t extreme, and if you haven’t yet gotten hold of To the Other, the hypnotic march of “Black Sea of Power” might just offer sway.


Saturnalia Temple, “Black Sea of Power” official video

Official video of Black Sea of Power by Saturnalia Temple from the album To The Other, 2015 (Listenable Records / The Ajna Offensive). All rights reserved by Saturnalia Temple.

Since its release, Saturnalia Temple’s critically acclaimed Aion of Drakon debut took the band to numerous major festivals throughout Europe, including Roadburn, Hell’s Pleasure, and Heavy Days in Doomtown, as well as on tours in both the U.S. and Europe. The strong occult and dark magical backbone is more prevalent than ever on To the Other, and as a band that actually started before the current “occult rock” trend, there are no fetishistic hoods, blood, or pentagrams. To The Other is instead a relentless journey through the downfall of the world and the rise of the individual striving against the grain.

As a title, To The Other signifies that it is a gift from the band to both the Other Side and to all that is in the shadows, the other side of existence, that which has been neglected by the everyday world of light. American drummer Tim Call (Alderbaran, Howling Wind, Nightfell) brings his experience and power to Saturnalia Temple on this recording. The cover art was created by Manuel Tinnemans (The Devil’s Blood, Deathspell Omega, Necros Christos). 

Saturnalia Temple on tour:
26.02 Groningen (NL) // Vera
27.02 Nijmegen (NL) // Merleyn
28.02 Paris (FRA) // Glazart
29.02 London (UK) //The Black Heart
01.03 Antwerp (BEL) // Trix
02.03 Berlin (DE) // Urban Spree
03.03 Kassel (DE) // Goldegrube
04.03 Hamburg (DE) //Bambi Galore
05.03 Oberhausen (DE) // Resonanzwerk

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