Hollow Leg Finish Recording Third Album

Back at the start of the year, I had Floridian sludge-slingers Hollow Leg‘s next opus on my list of 2015’s most anticipated albums. Curiosity played no small part in that since, after their digital single “God Eater” came out, I’ve been somewhat curious to find out what direction their next batch of material might take.

The difference? Well, Hollow Leg‘s last full-length was 2013’s Abysmal (review here), which stomped and stormed through torrents of aggressive, heavy sludge. Sure enough, “God Eater” covered some of the same ground — that is to say, if it had appeared on Abysmal, it would’ve been a turn but not completely out of place — but did so in a way more indebted to thickened Southern heavy grooves, less outwardly pissed off, with the screaming, and so on.

How does that translate to the new, as-yet-untitled record? That’s the question. If “God Eater” was a one-off experiment and Hollow Leg are back to their throat-ripping habits as usual, I don’t think we’ll lose out, but I’m curious to know one way or the other. As such, they go on the already-well-populated list of 2016‘s most anticipated albums, and a year later, we sort of wind up where we started.

Only thing that’s changed is now they’ve actually recorded. Sanford Parker will mix, Collin Jordan will master. That’s right, Hollow Leg‘s third offering is done being recorded and will be out on Argonauta Records next year. That seems like much more solid footing than where we were back in January.

They posted the following at the recording process’ completion:

hollow leg

We have officially finished work on LP#3! The record has now moved from our cave at high five audio in Deland, and gone to Chicago where it will be mixed by SANFORD PARKER, and then mastered once again at the boiler room by COLLIN JORDAN, before reaching its home at Argonauta Records.

We’re extremely pleased and excited by our tracking results, and now to have the record worked over by these 2 talents, we are just really looking forward to this one in every way, and can’t wait for it to be available for all of you! cheers!


Hollow Leg, “God Eater”

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