Spiral Shades Announce Children of Doom Digital Tribute EP

Normally one might take the phrase “tribute EP” to mean “we recorded a couple covers and didn’t know what to do with them,” but in the case of Spiral Shades, it seems like a genuine opportunity to get a feel for some of the band’s influences, as shown on their 2014 RidingEasy Records debut LP, Hypnosis Sessions (review here). That album was deceptively hard to pin down. Definitely within the sphere of classically-influenced heavy rock, it held firm to a doomly psychedelic edge, refusing to wholly embrace one side at the expense of the other. That worked greatly to its benefit, but it left one wondering just what they were listening to at the time.

And that would seem to be the core of what brought India-based vocalist/guitarist Khushal R. Bhadra and Norwegian guitarist/bassist/drum programmer Filip Petersen together in the first place — a shared love of heavy — so to find them exploring that in the rawest form possible on what’s been titled Children of Doom is only fair. I’ve yet to see a tracklisting for the free, digital-only offering — doesn’t seem out of line to think there might be some Vitus on there — but we won’t have to wait too long to find out, since the thing will be released on Friday. Yup, this Friday. Yup, free. I guess that really says it all.

The duo put up a quick announcement of the EP’s release with the cover art, which you can find below, and answered some quick comment about their second long-player as well:

spiral shades children of doom ep

Announcing the release of our new Tribute EP titled Children Of Doom, this Friday, 23rd October 2015. It would be a free digital release. Till then spread the word and enjoy this amazing artwork done by Reza Noer Fajar.

Bands and artists that have inspired us in our musical journey.

The new album is in the works but its going slow. Hopefully it would be worth the wait.


Spiral Shades, EP Teaser

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