Conan Announce New Live LP Live at Bannermans

Online shopping for Conan merch has always been a matter of timing. As in, “Can you manage to get your order in before the item in question has sold out?” The answer, usually, is no. The UK trio have earned much loyalty the last half-decade or so, and that loyalty has shown itself in a money-where-your-mouth is swath of t-shirt and vinyl purchases that have gone toward funding things like guitarist/vocalist Jon DavisSkyhammer Studio, at which one is likely to find Conan bassist/backing vocalist Chris Fielding at the helm, as well as the label Black Bow Records.

That label, which has done pressings for Conan, Undersmile, Intensive Square — which features Conan drummer Rich Lewis — and others, will issue the new live outing from Conan, Live at Bannermans, in Oct., with preorders available now. For those whose timing and/or shipping budgets might falter, the band has recently set up a new merch store specifically for US orders that bodes well for future touring incursions on these shores as well. If they weren’t interested, they probably wouldn’t have bothered.

If it needs to be said — and hopefully it doesn’t — the clip below of “Satsumo” from Bannermans in Aug. 2012 is obviously not the same source as the live album itself. I very much doubt Conan would press up a cellphone recording to vinyl.

Here’s the info:

conan live at bannermans


LIMITED RUN of 100 copies of this live set from the historic Bannerman’s venue in Cowgate Edinburgh.

Mixed and mastered by Stu at Wall of Sound.

Order here if you live in the US or Canada.

This recording was taken from Conan’s short run of shows with Slomatics in August 2012.

Running order –

Hawk As Weapon
Battle In The Swamp
Headless Hunter
Sea Lord

Black heavyweight vinyl.

Pre order starts now, shipping commences end of October.

Conan, “Satsumo” Live at Bannermans, Aug. 2012

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