Mothership Stream “Holy Massacre”; Mothership II Out Today


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The album is also two-sided both in the vinyl A/B sense and in terms of the songwriting. While “Priestess of the Moon,” “Astromancer” and “Centauromachy” tell stonerly tales of monsters and outer space,¬†Mothership¬†also get down with a fair bit of classic rock sleaze to break things up. Side A’s “Shanghai Surprise” and side B’s “Hot Smoke and Heavy Blues” — not to mention the borderline-creepy CD bonus track “Good Morning Little School Girl” — feed into a dudely¬†heavy rock trope of long-standing. Though “Holy Massacre” doesn’t necessarily represent this lyrical aspect of¬†Mothership II¬†— something I’ll argue works in its favor — the song’s fluidity, natural tonality, live feel and high-octane delivery speak to many of the strengths at work across the album, and that’s not to mention the strength of the hook at play in its chorus. A bluesy chug emerges as it builds to its stomping apex, and¬†Mothership¬†shift tempo so smoothly that before you know it, you’re being carried off to the next movement.

If you haven’t¬†heard it yet, take a listen to “Holy Massacre” below to get a taste for some of¬†Mothership II‘s finest heavy. Hope you enjoy:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

Mothership‘s¬†Mothership II¬†is out now on¬†Ripple Music¬†in Europe and North America. They’ll play their official release show Nov. 21 at¬†Lola‘s Saloon¬†in Ft. Worth, TX. More info at the links.

Mothership on Thee Facebooks

Ripple Music on Bandcamp


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