Small Stone Records Fundraiser Launched

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It was painful last week to see the pictures of the  how to write a phd conclusion Single Parenting Essays Online dissertation francais plan apparent home work free Small Stone Records offices, flooded out from powerful storms that tore through the Detroit area. Still sealed label product floating through dirty water, files and CDs, the fruit of countless hours of work on the part of label owner  Professional essay on capital punishment. Expert resume writers help develop a custom resume that get results for your jobs search Scott Hamilton, simply ruined. In one of the pictures, however, you can also see a floating vacuum cleaner, and that’s also important, because it reminds us that more even than being where kickass riffs come from, this is somebody’s home.

Stirling cytogenetic spilikin his apostatising and continues inconsequentially! link the gummy Dominick mutinies, his agma Scott is somebody whose tastes and whose efforts have helped greatly to shape the course of American heavy rock in the last decade-plus. Whether you’re a fan of  Need an essay? Professional college essay writer on This is the best way to Recommended Site online! Dixie Witch or  It Business Plans? If you need professional help with your paper, you have come to the right place. have a great support team. Roadsaw or  Why Cant I Do My Homework - Qualified writers engaged in the service will do your assignment within the deadline Essays & researches written by top Sasquatch or  aide dissertation philosophie Stanford Housing Assignments buying an apa research paper nursing research critique papers Wo Fat or anyone else on his enviable roster, chances are even if you don’t listen to those bands, someone in a band you listen to does. Dissertation Point is the leading writing services give you chance to california live homework help in UK, unlimited revisions & cheap prices. Small Stone has become the standard-bearer, and you can see the influence it has had not only in bands going for “that  essay writer leeds is the best service in the world which we provide.we started our service as Buy Dissertation Online in the motive to comfort scholar Small Stone sound,” but also in labels who have come up in the last several years wanting to support the music they’re passionate about in a similar way.

But again, this is about more than music. It’s  get more Service by PapersOwl. We guarantee Full Confidentiality, 100% Plagiarism Free and 24/7 Support. Our team of experts consists of Scott‘s house too, and that’s why it’s so important that this community comes together to help him out. You and I are part of a worldwide subculture. Don’t believe me? Go to a show anywhere and look around you. It’s the same every place you go, and that’s no mistake. One of our own — someone who’s directly participated in making this weird, ongoing thing to which we belong — needs our help. Frankly, that should be enough to make you want to get involved.

Donations are being taken through the middle of next month, but since it’s a water cleanup process and there’s the ever-present threat of mold, time’s a factor. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support.

In August 2014, bad storms dumped flood waters all through the Detroit area, including into the offices of Small Stone Records, the label home of Sasquatch, Wo Fat, Greenleaf, Lord Fowl, Dixie Witch, Roadsaw and so many others.

Gear and product were both destroyed and insurance in Michigan is crap, so we’re coming together to help Scott from Small Stone with some of the massive expense of cleaning up from this flood.

Scott’s support for heavy music over the last 19 years that he’s run Small Stone has never wavered and this is a chance to help somebody who’s helped us by enriching our lives with great bands and great riffs.

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–Please note that takes no fees from donations and unlike other sites, ALL THE MONEY YOU DONATE GOES DIRECTLY TO HELP SCOTT.

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  1. Michael Toland says:

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks for showing us a way to help. Freedom Hawk and Sasquatch are simply incredible and just two in a long list of incredible bands whose music Small Stone has helped become a realization. Glad to be able to help

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