audiObelisk: Mr Peter Hayden Stream “We Fly High” from New 7″ Single

Finnish cosmic doom five-piece Mr. Peter Hayden are nothing if they’re not ambitious. Their debut and sophomore outings, 2010’s Faster than Speed (review here) and 2012’s Born a Trip (review here), comprise the first two installments of a thematic trilogy. Somewhere along the lines of time, matter and… what? Moving beyond them? I’m not quite sure yet, but when their third album, Archdimension Now, arrives in April — a double CD, no less — we’ll have an answer.

Until then, Mr. Peter Hayden have put together a new 7″ titled We Fly High that continues the consuming space-lurch of Born a Trip‘s massive interstellar scope, but unlike that album, which ran a continuous 68 minutes of immersive linearity, there’s a necessary break in the song “We Fly High” to allow for the side A/B swap. The result is that both halves of “We Fly High” offer a convenient sample by which to get a taste of Mr. Peter Hayden‘s style.

And I’ve said it for a while now that these dudes are worth checking out, so if you haven’t, I’m fortunate enough to be able to host side B of “We Fly High” for streaming ahead of the official Jan. 15 release. It has its own flow and progression from the first part of “We Fly High,” so you won’t feel like you’re listening to half a song, and the wash of progressive psychedelia that rises amid the stomp here bodes well for transcendence to come on Archdimension Now.

Mr. Peter Hayden will tour Europe around the release of the new album this spring and have a couple shows lined up for February in Finland. That info and more about the new album follow the track below.

Dig it:

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A-side streaming through Soundi magazine (Finland) here.

What is left when time and form have stepped aside? Shadows of final ideas, light and stream of eternal substance, the tension of final entity? Mr. Peter Hayden have gone through phases and planes of inevitable and come across their final chapter of trilogy. Diving another level deeper and superpositioning their minds the chapter will reach its end in form of a double album, to be released in April 2014.

Although the groups lineup and instrumentation has always been evolving, it has always consisted of very close and connected friends. At the moment the personnel and instruments of choice are: V. Ajomo on synthesizers, L. Kivelä on bass, JP. Koivisto on guitar, T. Santamaa on drums and V. Vatanen on guitar and effects.

During the years of their existence Mr. Peter Hayden has performed live at most of the Finnish clubs and festivals devoted for the psychedelic music. They have also toured Europe and been invited and played at Roadburn Festival. During spring 2014 they will tour in Scandinavia and come back to Central Europe.

Mr. Peter Hayden live:
15-02-14 Hyberporea, Lepakkomies, Helsinki
14-02-14 Bar15, Seinäjoki

Mr. Peter Hayden on Thee Facebooks

Mr. Peter Hayden on Bandcamp

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