Happy Thanksgiving

If you’re in the States, today is Thanksgiving. Like a lot of American holidays, it’s based around some truly strange and generally unlikely myths, but the ensuing consumerist rampages aside, it’s not nearly as exclusionary as Xmas or as war-culture-celebratey as the Fourth of July, so yeah. It’s also just about the only thing in the fabric of American society that encourages gratitude, and I guess that’s not bad either.

The point I want to make is that if you’re reading this, whether you’re in the U.S. or not, then you have my thanks for supporting this site and being a part of what it’s turned into over nearly the last half-decade. I appreciate it, and in the spirit of the day, I’m thankful for it. I feel both like I say it all the time and like I don’t say it enough, but I continue to be amazed at the level of encouragement, whether it’s someone liking or sharing a post on Thee Facebooks or Twitter, leaving a comment, sending an email, whatever it might be. It’s astounding and it means a lot to me personally. Thank you.

Likely I’ll have one or two posts up tomorrow — at least one to close out the week — but whatever weird semi-historical narrative they have at their base, the next couple days are basically to enjoy family and friends, so I’m going to do that. If you’re celebrating or not, I wish you all the best.

JJ Koczan
Holiday Pursuant Taskmaster

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3 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. goAt says:

    Enjoy the day, brother! I’m here at work listening to Electric Moon in a locked, empty building…and I am thankful for that!

  2. Aris Tombul says:

    Happy Thanksgivings JJ, I deeply appreciated your efforts, one of the best music blog ever…

  3. Sam says:

    I am most happy to have The Obelisk. You’ve provided a constant stream of updates and titbits, without which I mightn’t have discovered Uncle Acid, The Atomic Bitchwax or a few others. So a big thanks to you, JJ (from The Netherlands via New Zealand).

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