Year of the Goat Premiere Video for “Spirts of Fire”

Heralding the release of their debut album, Angels’ Necropolis, Swedish cult rockers Year of the Goat (featuring ex-members of House of Aquarius, whose album was recently reissued on Electric Magic Records) have unveiled their new video for the song “Spirits of Fire.” Fans of the newly-departed The Devil’s Blood and of Jess and the Ancient Ones should take note, as Year of the Goat get down with some similarly classic Lucifer loving on the LP. Judging by his smile at the end, Satan is pleased as ever with the arrival of the nudie lady.

The clip came down the PR wire earlier today, followed by the info in blue:

Blazing with over fifty minutes of supreme, metallic occult rock, Angels’ Necropolis, the infernal debut album from YEAR OF THE GOAT, has been claiming mass praise from heavy metal fans and critics alike, elevating this new act in the ranks of the scene quickly.

A brilliantly infectious album highlighting classic metal/occult rock harmonies Östergötland/Norrköping, Sweden-based quintet seemingly permeate the air around them with, rather than “perform” or “execute,” the atmospheric permeation of the eight rituals which comprise their Angel’s Necropolis offering form the proper conditions to transport the listener to another plane of existence; a meditative state in tribute to Lucifer and his legions. The album was released on CD, LP and digitally worldwide via Ván Records, also liable for bringing The Devil’s Blood, The Ruins Of Beverast, Nagelfar and others into the cult spotlight over the last decade.

YEAR OF THE GOAT will hit the stage sporadically and continuously through the year, having just announced the acts first confirmed performances of 2013. Stay tuned for further updates as more shows are confirmed.

YEAR OF THE GOAT Live Rituals:
3/01/2013 John Dee – Sankt Hanshaugen, Norway
3/09/2013 Dynamo – Norrköping, Sweden
3/22/2013 Harry’s Rock Night – Linkoping, Sweden
5/24/2013 Club Destroyer – Sundsvall, Sweden
7/27/2013 Skogsröjet – Rejmre, Sweden
8/29/2013 Beyond The Gates – Bergen, Norway
11/16/2013 Hammer Of Doom Festival – Würzburg, Germany

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