Quest for Fire Call it Quits

Put this one in your “Oh, What Could’ve Been” file. According to a post on their Thee Facebooks page, Toronto-based psychedelic dreamers Quest for Fire have decided to abandon the search. We told them that it’s winter and all our caveman asses will freeze if they don’t keep going, but then they reminded us that it’s the future and to go adjust the thermostat. Still a bummer.

If you never heard it, Quest for Fire‘s last album, 2010’s Lights from Paradise (review here), was frickin’ brilliant, all hazed out and shoegazing but thick in the low end and memorably hypnotic. It’s a shame they won’t get to follow it up, though I suppose if Chad Ross decides to dedicate more of his time to his Nordic Nomadic side-project — he released Worldwide Skyline in 2011 (review here) — that’s not exactly a tragic fate either.

Whatever happens, Quest for Fire was a good band and too bad they didn’t get to do more in their time. Please find the announcement in full below, its lack of capitalization maintained for posterity:

after 6 amazing years we have officially decided to call it quits. sorry to all the kind folks out there that were expecting a new record in 2013…. but we promise you, a few new bands are already in the works. good things on the horizon!

lots of great tours, good friends (old and new), good jams, heavy parties, and long roads, will be filed away, forever foggy and shining in our collective memories.

thanks for the love! QFF.

our last show will be at the horseshoe tavern in toronto, on february 15, 2013. some special guests will be announced shortly.

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3 Responses to “Quest for Fire Call it Quits”

  1. Devan says:

    Quest we’re fantastic! One of my very favorites and incredible live. Thank you and Goodluck

  2. Chris says:

    Shitty. Lights from Paradise is a truely exceptional album some phenominal guitar work.

  3. jonnee2001 says:

    aw fuckety fuck, really wanted to see these peeps over in the UK, not now though, bugger.

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