UK Special — The Debate Rages: Conan vs. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

It’s the battle for next-gen British doom supremacy!

In a way, the question of Conan vs. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats all comes down to how you like your doom. If you want it with some of the world’s heaviest tones bashing you over the head alternately with ferocious hooks and unmatched lumber, you’re going to go with Conan. If you want it rife with slicing malevolence, lurking murderously in classic buzzsaw fuzz, as demented and mysterious in its slasher ambience as it is catchy and memorable, then Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are the clear choice.

Yes, I know these bands are about as different as you can get and still call it doom. The way I figure it, that’s half the fun.

Conan released one of 2012’s best albums with Monnos (review here) and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats‘ 2011 outing Blood Lust received such a massive response (not that I knew it at the time) that Rise Above couldn’t help but sign the band. Both acts have new material in the works — Conan are writing and Uncle Acid will enter the studio, of course, on Halloween — but as they have both have crazy momentum going into their next releases, it seemed like a good time to see where people stood.

There are a lot of bands coming out of the UK, but I’m hard pressed to think of two acts who so clearly highlight the diversity in the country’s current scene and the quality of material put forth by British artists. So what’s your pick for the forerunner of the next generation of British doom?

If you need a refresher, have at it:

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, “I’ll Cut You Down” from Blood Lust

Conan, “Grim Tormentor” from Monnos

As always, take your pick and leave a comment. Any other contenders are awesome too. Basically I just figured it would be fun to see how the support stacked up, so whatever you’ve got to say, it’s definitely welcome.

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20 Responses to “UK Special — The Debate Rages: Conan vs. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats”

  1. Kuwa Slayne says:

    Clearly the winner is…The Wounded Kings.

    I don’t see how Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats get the “doom” tag, nor do I understand all of the fanfare. They’re a capable enough garage band with a punk influence which is all fine and good, but metal it be not.

  2. C. says:

    Gotta give the edge to Uncle Acid. It’s more fun. I dunno if Doom is supposed to be fun, but Uncle Acid is.

  3. Milk K. Harvey says:

    Both honest, deserving, doom warriors who should be selling millions. But Blood Lust got me hooked like I had not since, who knows, MM’s God Says No.

  4. Andy Samford says:

    however you want to categorize any of it, I pick Uncle Acid.

  5. Lamprey says:

    Conan, by a bloodbath! They live up to their name, ’nuff said.

  6. dutch gus says:

    Yes, CONAN for sure.
    This is in fact the first time I’ve spun Uncle A and the D’s – decent enough but my mind is resolutely unblown.


  7. Dickbutt says:

    What an odd post.

    They’re both great bands with completely different styles.

  8. SabbathJeff says:

    This is like comparing apples and a battle axe. I like both fine, but if I had to pick doom vs psych to save the planet. doom: always. That said, both great bands, but Conan for me. I’m usually more in that mood.

  9. doomborn says:

    although hardly compareable I must say I don’t like Conan at all and really like Uncle Acid so my vote goes to them…

  10. scott says:

    I a not really a big CONAN fan either but I dig what Uncle Acid are up to… I hope they can live up to their record when they come and play live. Talk about pressure.. glad it is not my band….. Good luck Uncle…

  11. Ruth Holmes says:

    One is a real honest band, playing shows for fun, self made. One has been made to appear mysterious and alluring having their strings pulled for them by a guy with lots of contacts, to make more money from record sales. Just coz something is ‘hard to find’ it doesn’t mean it’s ‘worth having’.

  12. DickButt says:

    I’m glad there are such informed authorities like Ruth Holmes in the world…….

  13. delasull says:

    I really enjoy bloodlust, very strong album, fun to listen to but there is something about Monnos- it hits me deep, I just want to keep turning it louder and louder… I always wonder “did I listen to it this loud last time?” I love that album.

  14. lucAs says:

    I like Uncle Acid, but Monnos is a masterpiece. CONAN!

  15. Dane says:

    What lucAs said! Uncle Acid is really good, but Conan is just something special!

  16. Tyler says:

    Can’t really compare them. Uncle Acid is one the best new bands I’ve heard in the last few years so I would pick them over any new band they were put up against besides Argus.

  17. goAt says:

    Coffins vs. Lee Dorrian’s record collection. ;)

  18. gsuschris says:

    Both Honestly could hold well in any shelf but my picks Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

  19. Joe Dick says:

    I pick Electric Wizard, this is a horsehit and pointless debate

  20. EugenicScum says:

    Love them both, and I would pick a more metal band usually, but in this case Uncle Acid has just more hooks to latch on to so they win by a slender margin.

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