Monday Long-Player: Dopethrone, III

Nothing like getting off on the right foot. Not having had the chance to close out last week properly as I otherwise might have done, I thought we’d start this week angry. Montreal sludge trio Dopethrone released their third album, III, last month, and it’s a low-bullshit/high-aggression exercise in riff worship, topped by Bongzilla-style gurgling that nonetheless finds a few moments of respite from the onslaught, such as the well-placed solo at the end of centerpiece cut, “Storm Reefer.” Vince (guitar/vocals), Vyk (bass) and Borman (drums) leave little to the imagination in terms of what they’re going for stylistically, but a job well done is a job well done, and they deliver some seriously abrasive shit in some seriously heavy tones. I’ve yet to think of an argument against it.

This week: Stuff? Yes. I’ve got stuff. Stuff like an interview with Gary Arce from Yawning Man that I’m just waiting to get back, and stuff like reviews of Second Grave, Colour Haze, and a bunch more. We’re due for another reviewsplosion, I think, so I’m gonna try to get on that and see if I can’t make it happen before the tide of download promos and “check out this link”-emails takes me out to sea. Also new audio from The Fërtility Cült that’ll go up today and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember because it’s Monday morning. I knew there was a reason I did these things on Friday.

Anyway, hope you had a solid weekend. Mine was killer, and I say that with no sense of sarcasm or irony. Fucking great time hanging out with good people, drinking good beer and listening to a solid 13 hours of Clutch. If I’d managed to sleep at all last night, I’m sure we’d have started this week off with something much more peaceful, but so it goes. Hope you dig the sludgy destruction above, hope you have a great week, and hope you check in throughout, here or on the forum, you know, just kind of clicking refresh for new updates or posts. That’s what I do anyway, but I’m really into this stuff. You know how it is.

Right on. More to come.

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  1. I am loving this! This gets me right where the last Weedeater didn’t.

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