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Seeing its North American release July 26 is Eklectric, the third album from British riff-loving noisemakers End of Level Boss. For anyone who’s followed the band since they were formed by ex-Hangnail guitarist Heck Armstrong and released their Prologue debut in 2005 — like the new one, on Exile on Mainstream — it’s an interesting record because Armstrong has basically remade the whole band.

Lead guitarist Roland Scriver (formerly of Sloth) came aboard for 2007’s Inside the Difference Engine, but the rhythm section is entirely new, which means Armstrong is the only remaining original member. Fear not, however, End of Level Boss‘ nuanced technicality and righteously heavy tonality remain in tact, as the track “Thee Absurd” from Eklectric shows.

Special thanks to Exile on Mainstream for letting me host the song. I get kind of a Soundgarden meets AmRep vibe from it. See what you think and let me know. Here it is followed by some info from the label’s website:

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After a quiet period End of Level Boss returned to the fray in 2011 with their third album, Eklectric, released via Exile on Mainstream Records. Continuing in their all-consuming search for twisted riffs, the London-based band returned to the analogue domains of Earth Terminal Studios, England, (the same location used for their highly acclaimed 2007 release, Inside the Difference Engine) during the dying days of 2010. Bringing in a completely new rhythm section [Peter Theobalds (ex-Akercocke/Gonga, also of Obiat) on bass, and Neil Grant (ex-RAAR) on drums] the band have unleashed an angrier, dirtier sound, recorded live to tape across four short winter days.

Having recruited ex-Sloth guitarist Roland Scriver for lead guitar duties on their previous album, this third incarnation of EOLB have uncovered a mutual need to blend the familiar with the bizzare, resulting in the first End of Level Boss album to be written collectively, through intensive jam sessions, by the entire band.

End of Level Boss, Eklectric:
01. As the Earth Forgets Us
02. This is Not the Way it Was
03. Mouth of Hats
04. Thee Absurd
05. Senescence
06. Thud
07. Blueshift
08. If Not All
09. Lost in the Etalon
10. Red Grey Eye

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2 Responses to “audiObelisk: Stream New End of Level Boss Track Now”

  1. Spencer says:

    Great, great band especially live. And its out on Exile on Mainsteam as well, such a good label. Any label that puts out Wino, Scissorfight and Beehover gets my fooking vote!

  2. StevhanTI says:

    Don’t just listen to this track. Buy the bloody album. It’s delicious, it’s one of those that will make it impossible to do anything else at the time of listening it. It’s quite wild, odd but absorbing, daring even.

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