Frydee Fuzzy Duck

If you want to be technical about it, we’re about 10 minutes into Saturday as I start this post, but screw it, still Friday as far as I’m concerned. Frydee till I’m done with the day, which I’m not yet, though probably should have been some time ago.

I did the decent and human thing tonight and went out for steak and blue cheese/bacon mashed potatoes with The Patient Mrs. at the local townie instead of buckling down and doing homework all night as was the original plan. Baseball was on. I needed some time not staring at a monitor. Sadly, I didn’t win the promo copy of Unida‘s Coping with the Urban Coyote that I’d been watching and eventually bid on on eBay, but there will be others. I wouldn’t go higher than $38, and that was my undoing. Such is Mango.

But the bar, yes, and the homework — well, I got enough of it done and have continued with home-bound beers since starting that process, so I don’t feel like I blew off the entire evening’s worth of responsibility. I got enough of what needed to get done done, and that’s more than I’ve been able to come out of some recent Friday nights saying, so I’ll take it. Not that I have a choice.

The plan is for a podcast this weekend, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on it. I’m in Connecticut tomorrow night for family stuff and coming back Sunday, but there’s more homework and other real-life concerns to handle, so we shall see what kind of time I’m afforded. If it’s not going to be this weekend at all, I might just hold off and do an April podcast in a couple weeks. I don’t know yet. I’ll let you know what I decide.

But enough rambling for now. Enjoy the weekend. I’ll be ducking out on familial obligations to check in on the forums every chance I get. Hope to see you there.

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3 Responses to “Frydee Fuzzy Duck”

  1. Bill Goodman says:

    I found these guys about a year ago. Awesome album indeed.

  2. Scott says:

    Too bad you’ll miss Wind Hand and Lord By Fire at the Acheron on Saturday night. Saw both bands play in a garage in Newark, DE on Friday night. Wind Hand was Cathedral heavy, like the first record, but with killer groove. Lord By Fire brought the invisible oranges along with sludge mayhem in tow. Good times in a garage… in Delawhere?

  3. david says:

    damn, this song/band is awesome.

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