On the Radar: Auto Modown

I think for most 14 year olds, the thought of getting together a band and jamming on guitar while your dad plays bass is probably high on the list of “never gonna happen” scenarios, but then, when your last name is Lalli, you’ve kind of got a leg up. Comprised of guitarist Dino Lalli (age 14), drummer Benny Macias (age 16) and bassist Mario Lalli (age undisclosed) — the latter of Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, et al — Auto Modown offers surprisingly accomplished riffy jams despite the deficit in years of its composers.

In the tradition of Lalli offshoot acts like Ten East, Auto Modown is completely instrumental, and all I’ve heard of them is the music contained in the one video below. I don’t know if they have songs written or just these jams, or if they’re planning to release an album (their Facebook page shows them playing in Downey, California, on Oct. 29, but is short on other info as to when exactly they got started or what they’re working on), but screw it, it’s Mario Lalli jamming with his kid, and aside from being adorable, it’s pretty good. Sign me up.

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2 Responses to “On the Radar: Auto Modown”

  1. Skillit says:

    Think I saw their first show at Cafe 322, really great songs, kid plays drums better than me, fact.

  2. harpo says:

    I think i was with Skillit when we saw their first show. Good stuff.

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