Argus: The Doom March Undertaken

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There's a Valkyrie t-shirt somewhere in this picture. Can you find it? (Photo by Ollie)In repeat listening, I?ve found what works best with Argus is to take the songs in individually. That is, Argus, the album, functions most effectively in its parts than as a whole. Not to say it isn?t a cohesive work or that any single track is glaringly out of place, just that ?From Darkness Light,? which might otherwise get lost in the mash of riffs and thus lose some of its staying power, is best experienced and appreciated on its own. With so much of the underground fighting against the tide of single-ism that has dominated mainstream iEverything popular culture, Argus have debuted with a collection that works within the system and against it at once — lest we forget well-soloed closer ?The Outsider? tops out over 10 minutes. Still, the songs prove more memorable taken one at a time.

Argus is old school heaviness coupled with blue collar grit that should please denim-vesters the country over. There?s room for their songwriting to tighten up, but the feeling one gets after hearing the album is Argus are just getting started. Doom on.

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