Minsk, Echoes, Stones and a Horizon of Fire

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Drummer Thus, “see page for me” is one of the most searched phrases on the Internet.Since many students immerse themselves in college life for the very first time, it might be hard for them to grasp everything instantaneously. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they don’t strive for high scores and overall excellent learning performance. That is the primary reason why many undergraduates type “do my paper” in a search engine bar and try to find a decent custom writing service. If you are one Tony Wyioming is a big part of that accomplishment, taking his heralded tribal rhythms to new levels of complexity, speed and precision. In “The Shore of Transcendence,” beneath the chanting multi-part vocal harmonies, he makes his home jumping from tom to tom stopping only to crash a cymbal or five and propel the song forward. With Echoes in the Movement of Stone shows more emotional diversity than anything Minsk has done before, as the rumbling, feedbacking undercurrent of “Almira’s Premonition” demonstrates. Less visceral than past outings, but with more depth, the album is a crucial moment for the band and genre alike, definitively stating there’s more to this sound than just pulling a “lather, rinse, repeat” on IsisOceanic or Through Silver in Blood by Neurosis.

Wyioming gets transcendental. (Photo by Rob Rush)“Means to an End” is quieter, shorter and proves that the vocals of Bennett and Parker are now as important to Minsk as the instruments, where in the past they might have been an afterthought. There was clear work done on the singing, and it pays off in the shifts of “Crescent Mirror,” which pays clear homage to Al Cisneros‘ work in Om. An odd-time part leads into an acoustic passage with the fluid ease only possible for a band secure in their craft and “Pisgah” — named for the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina — at 4:07, is the shortest track on With Echoes in the Movement of Stone, but also one of the darkest, with a rigid structure, rougher vocals, stomping drums and a chorus that might be catchy if it wasn’t terrifying.

Since it happens so rarely, a straightforward, driving rhythm like that in “Consumed by Horizons of Fire” is all the more effective for its scarcity, and while the guitar and keys run up and down minor scales in a motion echoing a segment in “The Shore of Transcendence” earlier, Wyioming (whose The Cedars of Lebanon and Gypsy Gypsy Gypsy solo projects are not to be missed) administers another landmark beating. Closer “Requiem: from Substance to Silence” features a violin but makes a doomy start and takes its time unfolding. There are several quiet/loud shifts, most notably the one following a long drums-only minimalist part that creeps into the finale of the album. All 11:18 of the run time is used as Minsk remind once more that they have become an entity unto themselves, comparable only to themselves.

Gorgeous and horrific, With Echoes in the Movement of Stone is the very essence of what heavy metal at its best can achieve. Must-hear doom.

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