Biggest Surprise of 2009: Minsk Recording with Sanford Parker

It should be noted that every time I type “Sanford,” I automatically put an extra ‘d’ in the middle, so if one shows up here, apologies all around.

Here’s the latest from Blabbermouth, who dutifully cut and pasted a Relapse press release:

Chicago/Peoria, Illinois quartet MINSK has entered Volume Studios with the band’s Sanford Parker producing to begin recording its third full-length album, “With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone”, for a summer release via Relapse Records.

Normally I’d wonder if this is even news. Nearly every band on the planet records themselves (call me when Minsk records with Bob Rock, now that’s news) but I’m actually at least 43% interested to see how this record’s going to turn out. The Ritual Fires of Abandonment was cool enough, but the -sis metal (as in Neuro-SIS and I-SIS) thing has taken a shit since then, so one has to wonder where they’re going to go with it. Either way, with Parker helming, you know it’ll sound like it was recorded in a cave. In a good way.

Bet the rest of that band are really glad they asked that guy to join. You know they’re getting a good deal on studio time.

Jus look at these pretty mugs —

Cuties. (photo by Rob Rush)

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