Fever Dog Post Two-Song Single from New LP Alpha Waves

Desert-hued, classically progressive and more than a bit glammy, Cali now-duo Fever Dog seem to be packing ideas into their songs by the dozen, and yet to listen to their new two-songer, Solid Ground — issued in advance of their third album, Alpha Waves, which is due out at some point later this year — you can’t call the either “Solid Ground” itself or the organ-laced, exclamatory companion track “Bruiser!” anything other than cohesive. Both are tightly performed and structured, under four minutes long, and the latter has an arena-rock vibe that’s somewhere between Horisont and Roxette, which genuinely isn’t a combination you’re going to hear every day. Thinking about it, I’m kind of amazed Europe isn’t sweating this band harder. Someone needs to lock down German and Swedish distro, stat.

You can hear the new single at the bottom of the post, as well as the prior-posted “Freewheelin’,” which enriches the narrative of the album even further. More to come, as well as, one hopes, an eventual release date.

Until then:

fever dog solid ground

Fever Dog – “Solid Ground” (Alpha Waves)

2020 will see the release of Fever Dog’s third full-length studio album “Alpha Waves.” Taking notes from all ends of the Rock and Roll spectrum, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Danny Graham and Joshua Adams combine the best that the glam, progressive, and desert rock genres have to offer, creating an exciting sound while still retaining a great deal of originality. “Freewheelin’” the first single taken from the album, features both Graham and Adams acting as songwriters, producers, and engineers whilst providing a majority of the instrumentation along with guest musicians Alex Galvan and Ramses Avalos-Lopez.

On the heels of their European tour, Fever Dog re-entered the studio, writing and recording new material. Further developing their desert-psychedelic sound, the group released the 2017 single ”Mainframe” featuring two new songs and a live recording. Shortly thereafter, bassist and song-writing partner Nathaniel Wood departed from the band while Graham and Adams became more focused on songwriting and recording.

“Alpha Waves” will feature material recorded from the “Mainframe” studio sessions with bassist Nathaniel Wood, songs developed from earlier live improvisations, and compositions from both Joshua Adams and Danny Graham. The result of lineup changes, hard drive malfunctions, and an evolution in creative tastes, “Alpha Waves” is Fever Dog’s most passionate collection of material to date. A labor of love three-years in the making, the group has been eagerly anticipating the day they can finally deliver it to you.

SOLID GROUND is the second single taken “Alpha Waves.”

“Solid Ground” Composed by Danny Graham and Joshua Adams
Written by Joshua Adams

Solid Ground Performers:
Danny Graham: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Joshua Adams: Vocals, Drums, Synthesizers

“Bruiser!” Composed by Joshua Adams
Written by Joshua Adams

Bruiser! Performers:
Joshua Adams: Lead Vocals, Drums, Organs, Piano, Synthesizers,
Danny Graham: Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Produced by Joshua Adams in La Quinta, California
Solid Ground Artwork by Danny Graham


Fever Dog, “Solid Ground”

Fever Dog, “Freewheelin'”

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