My Diligence Premiere “An Asteroidal Arrow” Video

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My Diligence, “An Asteroidal Arrow” video premiere

A Lullabies Prod production.
Réalisé avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Dancer – Choreographer . Hanne Vand Driessche
Writer – Director – Editor . Paul Thoreau
Production manager . Robin Paul
Director of photography – Colorist . Edouard Chandelle
Set Design – Swiss Army Human . Mathilde Pepinster
Location Manager . Frederic Delescaille
Make up Artist . Kim Glineur
Stylist . Chloe Thielemans
Catering . Pueblo Latino

Rising up from the streets of Brussels, My Diligence is a band that in recent years have come to transcend rock in their native Belgium with a skill and ease reminiscent of their transatlantic peers. For fans already in the know, the progressive rock aplomb of established acts like Torche, Helmet and Elder resonate wildly in their sound. Big, bold and high in intensity, the Belgian trio deliver a non-stop, ass kicking brand of no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll that scorches the sky, while leveling the playing field.

The success of their 2014 EP, Who Killed The Driver, along with their self-titled debut album from 2015 showcased as much, and at the same time laid down the foundations for Sun Rose, their eagerly awaited follow-up album, due for release this January on Mottow Soundz. Recorded at Studio Pyramide by producer François Vincent (Romano Nervoso, Thot), Sun Rose features a heavy mix of riffs – bigger and more bombastic than ever – interwoven with sincere lyrics and unforgettable grooves, and capture the trio’s fresh and exciting ideas around how they feel rock should sound.

John Sailor – Vocals, Guitars
François Peeters – Guitars
Gabriel Marlier – Drums
Romain Lafuite – Moog (live)

My Diligence, Sun Rose (2019)

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