Kurokuma & Under to Release Kurokunder Split 7″ Nov. 15

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blog link block - Quality essays at reasonable prices available here will make your studying into pleasure Forget about those sleepless Two of the weirdest bands from the UK heavy underground, KUROKUMA and UNDER join forces to each release a brand new song for this 7″ vinyl exclusive through ASTRAL NOIZE RECORDS. Available to pre-order here.

Kurokuma follow from the success of their latest EP release Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands, Vol.1, keeping up their love of unlikely cover songs with a doomy rendition of the theme music from retro gaming classic Ecco The Dolphin: The Tides of Time. The song builds patiently around a swirling arpeggio, slowly escalating into a pulverising and trippy doom riff, leading to one of Kurokuma’s most melodic and grandiose songs yet.

Under push their craft further forward with their lengthiest composition to date, Abyssal Gigantism. Sonically and compositionally, this track branches further from their dense and eerie sophomore album Stop Being Naive. Abyssal Gigantism is a multi-faceted nightmare, taking the listener through unsettling twists and turns. Their signature use of harmonised vocals and unconventional time signatures are intact, but with a much more daring exploration of erratic tempo changes, recalling the wild ebb and flow of The Dillinger Esc. Plan.

Pairing Kurokuma and Under for this exclusive 7″ vinyl release makes perfect sense. Both are unique and talented acts that think outside the box and stand tall amongst their contemporaries. The two bands have already toured together and share a dark and twisted sense of humour, absurd lyrical themes and a daring desire to experiment and challenge listeners.

A. Kurokuma – The Tides of Time [5:32]
B. Under – Abyssal Gigantism [8:03]

ANR 016. Artwork by Mullet. Mastered by John Simm at Hidden Colour Audio.
‘The Tides of Time’ written by Attila Dobos, Andras Magyari, David Javelosa and Andy Armer.
Performed by Kurokuma. Recorded and mixed by Tich.
‘Abyssal Gigantism’ written and performed by Under. Recorded and mixed by Rian Gamble.

Joe E Allen – Drums
George Ionita – Bass
Jacob Mazlum – Guitar

Matt Franklin – Bass & vocals
Simon Mayo – Guitar & vocals
Andy Preece – Drums & vocals




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  1. Frenchie says:

    Thank you so much for covering this! Great write up. Tides of Time is really good if you like the first one. They utilised some “3D” sections and it utilises more time travel.

    We didn’t think it was possible to fit an 8 minute song onto a 7″ either, but Converge and Darkthrone have both done it recently. We ordered test pressings just to make sure, and can confirm it sounds great!

  2. Obvious & Odious says:

    47 seconds? was just digging this. more please

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