Forming the Void Announced for Red Crust Festival 2020 in the UK

forming the void (Photo by Rachael Aloia)

This was going to happen eventually, but it’s worth marking the fact that Forming the Void‘s first-announced show outside of North America will be held a year from this week at Red Crust Festival 2020 in the UK. I say it’s their first-announced, because I expect they’ll have more dates either before or after it, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find them popping up on other fests here and there next Spring. Pure speculation, but still. And hey, while we’re speculating, it seems incredibly reasonable to think that by the time next Spring rolls around, the Louisiana heavy prog rockers will have a new record out to serve as their debut on Ripple Music.

I had the pleasure of seeing the four-piece twice in the last couple months, and my takeaway from that is that they’re ready for this kind of thing. The release of Rift (review here) last year opened many doors — including that of Ripple — for them, and they’ve been quick to take advantage. The task before them now is to make an album that builds on Rift‘s rather significant accomplishments in terms of scope and songwriting. No reason to think they can’t do it, as they’ve been moving forward and figuring out who they are as a band all along. I don’t know if it’ll be out before the end of 2019 — I think it was September they were going to record? — but it’ll be welcome when it shows up, and congrats to the band on continuing to broaden their touring horizons. This is a big one.

The fest announced them thusly:

red crust festival 2020 forming the void

We are pleased to announce that the next Red Crust Festival will be taking place at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh on 8th, 9th,10th of May 2020.

We are able to announce that ‘Forming the Void’ will be one of our headliners. Their recent album ‘Rift’ was hailed worldwide by critics and has performed well in various charts. Hailing from Louisiana, they play a potent blend of heavy progressive rock, stoner & doom.

Check out the single ‘On We Sail’. It’s an anthem!

Get your tickets now at the event page below:

Forming The Void:
James Marshall – Guitar/Vocals
Shadi Omar Al-Khansa – Guitar
Luke Baker – Bass
Thomas Colley – Drums

Forming the Void, “Arrival” official video

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