Big Scenic Nowhere Complete Work on Debut EP Dying on the Mountain

As noted back in February, the new group Big Scenic Nowhere brings together guitarists Bob Balch of Fu Manchu and Gary Arce from Yawning Man. The band inherits its name from a past Arce project but ultimately doesn’t have much more to do with it than that. Fine. Over the last two months, more and more has been trickling out as progress on their first recordings has been made. Nick Oliveri was announced as playing bass, Bill Stinson was announced as drumming. Awesome.

Then came the guests. Thomas Jäger from Monolord. Tony Reed from Mos Generator. Lisa Alley and Ian Graham from The Well. Oh, and then fucking Per Wiberg is on keys? Come on. And Mario Lalli takes over on bass for the second of the two tracks? Seriously?

The finished result is called Dying on the Mountain and it will be released through Blues Funeral RecordingsPostWax subscription series, for which I’ll be writing the liner notes. Needless to say, there’s plenty to talk about. Most of it rounds out to “holy crap this is awesome.”

Balch announced the EP was done thusly:

big scenic nowhere

The first BIG SCENIC NOWHERE E.P. is all done! Should be out mid summer. Working on the full length now which should be out in the fall. More guest musicians too! From the BIG SCENIC NOWHERE instagram…

Our first EP is done! “Dying On The Mountain” features two songs. A 19 min space rock jam named “Dying On The Mountain (including “Altered Ages”)” featuring Gary Arce on guitar, Bob Balch on guitar, Nick Oliveri on bass and Bill Stinson on drums. Ian and Lisa from THE WELL sing the intro and outro, Tony Reed from MOS GENERATOR has a five minute track within the jam named “Altered Ages” and Per Wiberg from OPETH, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, CANDLEMASS is on keys.

The second song, “Towards The Sun” is super heavy and hooky and features Gary Arce on guitar, Bob Balch on guitar, Mario Lalli on bass and Bill Stinson on drums. Tony Reed and Thomas Jäger from MONOLORD both sing on that track. Thanks to everyone involved on this EP! Should be out mid summer. Now on to the full length which will be released in the fall. More guest musicians on that one too!

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