Review & Video Premiere: Backwoods Payback, Future Slum

backwoods payback future slum

[Click play above to view the premiere of Backwoods Payback’s ‘Generals.’ Their new album, Future Slum, is out now.]

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This isn’t accidental, of course. Hiring a Professional Ghost Writer or how to hire a ghostwriter is not so easy. So if you want ghostwriters for hire, let our Resourcess to do Backwoods Payback have never been shy in terms of getting out and touring, and as they returned in trio form with¬†2016‚Äôs¬† Fire Not Reason¬†(review here) after a half-decade’s relative quiet — they had a 2012 live release (discussed here) and 2014’s¬†In the Ditch¬†EP (review here) filling that gap — following 2011’s Small Stone-delivered¬†sophomore album,¬†Momantha¬†(review here), they maintained their commitment to pushing their sound forward on stage.¬†Future Slum only benefits from this on a performance level, as¬†Cummings,¬†Baker and¬†Larson are tighter as a unit than they were even just two years ago, and one can hear it in the initial thrust of “Pirate Smile” as much as the dug-in emotionalism of the memorable “Big Enough,” a wistful highlight as much for its self-harmonizing as the instrumental build happening beneath, culminating in a wash and some quiet strum soon enough devoured by the opening riff of the penultimate “Alone.”

backwoods payback (Photo by Useless Rebel)

I used to call¬†Backwoods Payback “dirt rock,” and there’s an aspect of that still applicable, but¬†Future Slum makes easy tags a thing of the past, and as a fan, it’s all the more an exciting release for that. It’s been two full-lengths thus far, but since¬†Cummings¬†and¬†Baker brought in¬†Larson on drums, one can hear in the songs not that they’re playing against each other, but that all three members of the band are challenging each other to make the whole group stronger. And they do.¬†Future Slum has three inclusions over four minutes long, and the band’s execution is accordingly teeth-grindingly tight, but as they continue to refine their processes and their delivery, their output makes it plain for anyone to hear that they’ve reached a new level in style and substance. Fortunately, in accord with this is a consistency of songwriting.¬†Cummings‘ lyrics are spit poetry and the forward drive he,¬†Baker and¬†Larson are able to conjure amid dynamic turns of tempo and melody, is unmistakable. Fire Not Reason laid the foundation, and as a result of that,¬†Future Slum¬†is the strongest release they’ve ever had.

That’s true in terms of performance, craft and overall production sound, which remains thick where and when it needs to be while allowing the three-piece to still have a live feel and highlight nuances like the layered-in guitar effects in the second half of the opener or the timely shouts that punctuate the lines of “Generals.” Following the weighted nod of “Alone,” “Lucky” closes out as the longest cut at 4:57 and seems to find some middle ground in a¬†Sabbathian central riff and steady initial pace, but true to form, it ups the tempo in a classically metallic turn — no less¬†Sabbath, for that matter — that soon enough gives way to the slower chorus before landing in a chug that seems to disintegrate as it fades out, ending¬†Future Slum with a bit of tension that one might even dare to think¬†Backwoods Payback would answer with the start of their next album. Whether they do or don’t, and wherever they might go from here, the organic nature of their progression only makes¬†Future Slum all the more of an accomplishment.

Some 11 years removed from their self-titled debut, they’ve risen to their own challenge and come together to create something special and truly theirs. It’s not dirt rock. It’s not stoner, or Southern rock, or doom or grunge or hardcore punk or whatever else. It’s¬†Backwoods Payback. They’ve carved their sonic persona out of all of these things, and most of all, stayed true to themselves while embracing such a breadth of influence. In their faster and slower songs alike, one can hear the sense of immediacy, and it’s completely reasonable why.¬†Backwoods Payback have been around, and they’re not dumb. This is a moment they’ve managed to capture, and there are parts of¬†Future Slum that sound like they’re almost chasing after themselves before they get away. That’s not a negative at all. Rather, as it manifests here, it serves notice of the consciousness underlying their efforts, and they’re right. This is a watershed for them. Their urgency is nothing if not well placed.

Backwoods Payback, Future Slum (2018)

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